Congressman Ron Johnson, FOX, President Trump discussed on Yellowhammer Radio


This is yellowhammer news i'm andrea thais the governor of kentucky is calling for compassion on social media regarding the victims of a recent school shooting matt bevins' spoke to w k aren news in tennessee over charkhi nasty foul bio oso media post cream troll like people should remember when they have things to say it at no value to any discourse they're talking about the children it belonged to somebody the two fatalities were 15yearold bailing nicole holt and 15yearold pressing cope at the marshall county high school the shooting suspect is in police custody he was a fellow student at that school republicans on the house intelligence committee are working to release a fourpage memo to the public the committee has already voted to show that memo to other house members over two hundred house members have read it the memo details abuse by the fbi and justice department during the obama administration three alabama lawmakers have joint in the call to release the memo to the public bradley burn gary palmer and mike rogers say the american people can handle the truth about how the government has been abusing their power another bombshell story this week involves text messages between two former fbi agents on the special counsel to investigate russian meddling in the 2016 elections those text messages reveal a secret society that may have been working to stop trump from becoming president wisconsin congressman ron johnson spoke about the text between peter struck and lisa page articles indications are were number of highlevel fbi officials they were holding secret meetings offsite these these are low level underlings these are individuals had access to the highest level including the director of the fbi johnson spoke on fox news.

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