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Percent of yori seventeen percent and Costco CSX seventeen percent. This is what we do. For more information who fills gain dot com or give us a call at eight seven seven six hundred gang eight seven seven six hundred four to six four eight seven seven six hundred four to six four. Does your money manager send you an alert when the stock position that you're Ingles up for it goes down? Does your brokered send you an alert to get out of stock position? So you don't lose money. Of course, they don't hear it fills gang dot com. We keep all of our members engage with the stock positions that we recommend it. Nobody does that for their clients. Nobody Phil's gang dot com and become a member, to get up to the minute alerts. That's fills game dot com, stop losing money and start making money with Phil's gang. No matter of the market is up or the market is down Phil grandiose feels gang members prepare for market volatility and making profits. Cisco in April we're up four percent. We just got in that Nate, bro. Lockheed Martin we're up now seven percent Facebook, we bought April, ninth are up ten percent. Noggin Stanley rep eleven percent, w l l we bought April, first, we're up nineteen percent, and let's take this year, the spiders, yes, P five hundred. We are up sixteen percent apple were up twenty six percent railroad CSX seventeen percent. And at the end of the day when the market keeps going up and up and up in your in that market, you're never out in time, you ride it all the way.

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