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A little bit more into this. So as the story went, first off, rob shooter had, but when J.Lo and a rod got engaged, you were one of the first to say that they would not be walking down the aisle. And you were very true on that point. Second the rumor of ara, the reason why the relationship ended, a rod was a little curious with other females. So the only way to play this is if he went to she's the one that got away. Right. You have to be the nice guy. You have to be the nice guy. Yeah, you can't say, you know, I'm furious about this. And I also think it's really clever. It's a bit of a PR trick, so before I was a fabulous gossip columnist and doing podcasts and all this stuff, I was a publicist, so I know a PR statement when I see one. I'm an every writer. I know I looked at it like eagle eyes. I'm still a publicist at heart, you know, I'm a good publicist. I don't do it anymore, but I still know what they're doing. That's probably why I'm a good gossip columnist because I know all these statements. Whenever you throw in the children you win there, because it shuts everything down, the minute he wished her children the best. Now you've got to approach that very differently. It would be easy. About a nice guy. And we looked like not nice guys if we talk about him that, because now we're talking about children, which we can really stop. They go to the next step. If I follow up on that, then I'm a bad guys. You have to be very, very careful. So a rod, you know, nicely played, is that I think they say it in the land of baseball. What would be a baseball equivalent? This is a home run. Well, no, home run would be if he actually married Jennifer. He's safely got to first. He's safely got out of this. He's definitely got a Chris Wallace. I love you, these cheeky questions. Chris Wallace is like an older Andy Cohen, isn't it? It's a cheeky little devil. He gets away with stuff. He is. I mean, but I'm used to Chris Wallace. What's going on between the left and right side politics. Well, I'm glad Chris you've finally found the real news. The newsweek, Katherine. Brings us to our poll question of the day. A rod. Spoke about J.Lo Marion ban Affleck and said, I wish them the very best. Hey, do you believe him were some naughty? Do you think I read really does, which Jennifer? And then the bears, I want to know, go vote on our Twitter page at naughty nice rob, but a Facebook page is naughty or soon and be sure to check back. Tamar Ralph, your results. Hey Garrett love, what are you working on? Rob sit back for a story. Let me take this one, and you rush the voice. So as we know, a few about a year and change ago, Scooter Braun bought a record label, big machine records who was also had the rights to Taylor Swift's music. Now Taylor Swift has moved on from that management company, but that management company still owned all of Taylor Swift's songs. Hence why she's rerecording. So when Scooter Braun and his company bought this, all of Taylor Swift fans were furious, including Taylor, saying, this is uncalled for he's going to ruin my music. He's a bully, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So now two years later, Scooter Braun, who has gone through a lot over the last year, sat down with his best friend Jay Williams, who has a podcast, and he opened up in tows, I learned an important lesson from this. So, you know, obviously, Taylor went public with the frustration when Scooter Braun and his label bought her rights, claiming she was previously blocked from trying to buy the masters, and this is what scooter said. I was under very strict NDA, a non disclosure agreement with the gentleman who owned it. And I couldn't tell any artist that even Taylor Swift, I wasn't allowed to. I wasn't legally allowed to. So which is interesting because we then tend to think of it. We just thought we were wrong was coming into it, going, I'm going to screw it up. And it's not true. Correct. So I was excited to work with every artist on the label. So when we finalized the deal, I started making phone calls to say, hey, I'm a part of this, and before I could even do that, I made four phone calls and all hell broke loose as we've learned. So he goes, I regret that I have so the regret I have is that I've made the assumption that everyone was going to have a conversation with me, see my intent, see my character and say, great. Let's be in business together and I made the assumption with people that I didn't know. So it's interesting. I mean, as we know Scooter Braun reps Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, J Balvin, the works pretty much BTS. So he ended up selling big machine two years later after the mess made a hell of a lot of money and then he put that towards buying the BTS label. But here's the thing. We don't know if Taylor Swift is going to forgive it. Forgive Scooter Braun and mister borchetta, who is the other gentleman who previously on the label, I don't think so, but as we know, Taylor Swift rerecording all her albums so she could have ownership of her music. Yeah, I mean, there are the both winners here. Taylor's rerecording her albums and they're doing incredibly well, such as making a ton of money there, so she's basically getting back all her masters because she's recreating new ones. Scooters sold the label already and made hundreds of millions of dollars, so he went to. So don't get too concerned about anybody here, but there is a lesson in this, isn't there. Scooter should have known better, I think, like it's awfully sweet, but maybe a little naive to think you can just turn up and own somebody's catalog their life work and not talk to them about it beforehand, but at the same time, he wasn't a confidentiality clause so he couldn't talk about it. The assumption here and I think scooter's right is the mistake is the assumption don't assume that everybody wants you to own part of them without a talk about it. Like if you think about it, just in our own lives. When we get a new balls, it's really scary. You don't want necessarily somebody else coming in and it's silly to assume that when you walk in everyone's going to impress you. This has happened to me. I was given a job at a magazine, so when I no longer wanted to do publicity, okay magazine had launched an America and they offered me the executive editor job. I just assumed Garrett. I would walk in and there'd be a red carpet and flowers. And it was the first time really in my life dare I say that I turned to put a job that didn't want me and I didn't quite know how to deal with it like every other job I'd had been an intern or an assistant to a junior publicist or a publicist I'd worked my way up into that field and so when I got the promotion it felt quite natural but just to change three years in the middle of my career was something that a lot of people at the magazine world didn't like and I really had to prove myself and I realized that I'd made a terrible mistake not except in the job but assuming they were going to want me they didn't want me out to work really, really hard to prove myself. What about you Gareth? Have you ever walked into a job where they didn't want you? Well, this is the only job that I know of. How long have you been? Almost 20 years. Yeah, straight out of high school. So they want you then when you walk in start out of high school, they love you. Everyone's kind to you and then you stayed around. Yeah, no, and I think the thing that people get caught up when is, once you get comfortable, then that's where I've always been one to look over my shoulder 'cause, you know, the next person's right there. So if you get comfortable and complacent, then that's when you kind of lose that focus of doing your job and so yeah, I've been, I've been very fortunate, but also very awake in the sense of, you know, hey, what footsteps are coming from behind my back. As for a Scooter Braun though, the one thing I would say in my eyes that he made the mistake, yes, legally, he couldn't talk to anybody. But you would think the magnitude of the superstar of Taylor Swift. You would find a way to go, hey, listen, I would love to sit down real quick and talk. She doesn't know what you're about to talk about. So she could be open to anything at that point. And that's where you have the conversation. Because at the end of the day, I mean, talk about it guys, talk about it with everything with your partner so if you're friends in life, talk about stuff. Now I'm not telling you to break an NDA called Robert, wouldn't want you to break the law, but the more you talk about stuff in life, I think the better it is. Hey, moving along this in the portrait app by the palace, King Charles, Camilla, William and Kate, and they make the castle rob. Are you finally in there? Your portrait. I want to give you a Darby. I want to get into this guy's roots. I'm going to get in that picture. They didn't want us, but it's the four of them, and it contains a very rare look of PDA, so a new portrait has been released by the palace. It was actually taken the night before the queen's state funeral according to a press release, so PDA is normally not really approved with the royals, but here in this picture we do see them at least touching they're holding hands, they're touching each other's arms. It's really quite sweet. I think this is going to be a new look for the palace. Do I think we're going to see them making out Kim Kardashian style or should I say Courtney Kardashian and Travis? No. And then we're going to see that, but I think we're going to see a little bit more. Charles and Camilla are not going to be sitting at the drum set. Playing with their tongue. But I like this a little bit more affection and some people are saying it's a snub, but Harry and Meghan are not in this picture, but we've got to get over that now. Stop breaking it down. How are you making decided to leave? They've left. It's over. It's like trying to see Victoria Beckham in the spy skills reunion. She's not there. Just in temperature. Yeah, he doesn't want to be in it. Happy 25 years though, Spice Girls. I love the Spice Girls. But she's God. You have to say she's gone. The same with nsync, just in his life. I still have hope. How dare you? How dare you? They went on hiatus back in 1998. And they will be back. So we have to get used to that. This is the royal family. It's those four. He wants to keep it small. I think that's smart. He wants to keep a lid on the finances. I think that's smart. This is the four and I'm here for it. I looked at that picture and I said, hello, you look fantastic. How do you feel about it? You're still mis Harry in the photographs or have you moved on? I think I've moved on. I'm not one of a, I'm offended. Like it is what it is at this point. Like, you gotta get used to it. Gotta get used to change, just like a rod had to get used to seeing Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck. Don't get used to that. He does, but when you say portrait, I think they sat for a painting, but it's different from a place. It is a photograph. But you can still say like a portrait I think of a photograph. Yeah, they didn't have a painting, but that would have been a very royal thing to do, but I think it takes a little longer. But you would think they would be pretty quick at this point. It's not painting by numbers. Imagine how awkward that would be a painting and Harry had to sit there for hours and hours. Hey, what's going on? Let's talk about some love. Trevor Noah and liberty show, but not leaving the world of love. What's he up to? Oh, yeah, that's right. So Trevor, Trevor Noah, of course, of The Daily Show just announced last week that he was going to be leaving The Daily Show, doesn't know when, but just put it out there and he'll let us know when he's leaving. So how does he, how does he celebrate this new part of his life? He goes out on a date with the biggest pop star in the world. We'll do a leap of apparently. So they grab some dinner at miss lily's a Jamaican restaurant on the lower east side of Manhattan and here's the thing. They were no one's talking about their dinner or the fact that they sat and probably had great conversations. Everyone's talking about the kiss in the street before they went their separate ways. So it was a very telling and interesting obviously Trevor Noah 38 Dua Lipa 27. She's in New York constantly. He lives in New York. Everyone is positive. I haven't told you. I've only seen the negatives because everyone loves each then they're like, first off, let's be honest. No one out there listening right now, and as much as I hate to burst anybody's bubble, had a shot with Trevor Noah or Dua Lipa. All right? Like everybody's, oh, I'm so mad. Trevor no of the market. But we won't get it down. You're probably right. You're probably right about that. I booked into him once on the west side highway, so I gave her a walk each day. I bumped into him. He was just walking by himself. He's a really good-looking guy. And I saw his hair great hair, this big smile, he was on his phone, he was laughing, he was talking. And I saw him from a distance and I was like, I want a handsome guy, and then he's got close, so I was like, oh, it's Trevor Noah, which makes him even more handsome, I think. And so he could look. Like, you know, like you're being watched. You're Trevor Noah, you're the Dua Lipa, arguably the biggest pop star in the world. You're in the middle of Manhattan and you kiss. It would be one thing it would be like a kiss on the cheek like if I saw you. I was like, all right, rob. Thanks for doing that. I like this. I think they're throwing caution to the wind. This is about the two of them. Ignore all us for a minute, have a little bit of normal love, love, love, we're here for love on the not even our show. How are we going to take a quick break and we will be right back. Welcome back to the nobody but nice show I'm rob shoe so if I dear friend, Garrett Vogel. Hey Garrett, let's get to the polls. Last show we talked about Sarah Jessica Parker, who missed the New York City ballet gala that she was being honored at after a sudden family situation. It turns out that her stepfather passed away. She managed to get to the bedside before he passed, so thank goodness Sarah did that. A question, was it wrong for her to leave this gala? So if you're going to get honored at an event, regardless of what's going on, even a family situation should you stay, let's have a look. 98% no leave. Leave, leave, leave. We are totally with you and we're sending a letter. I want to talk to the 2%. By the way. I know it was said that I love Sarah Jessica Parker. Don't forget to vote on today's poll, go to our Twitter page at northern ice rub, a Facebook page is not a gossip and be sure to check back tomorrow to hear your results. Hey, let's do a nice of the day. All right, let's talk about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. She says that the open door policy in her home pertaining to the bathroom. She goes, she opened up about the lack of privacy in her family's home, which if you have a family of two, three, four, 5, you understand this. She was talking about the bathroom and it's just one of those where for better or worse as a family, the kids have all the kind of embodied functions of as every standard norm. I never thought I would be the person that was able to go to the bathroom with the door open. Everything started when Mila found someone constantly knocking on the door I was like, oh, forget it, just keep the door open. So I get it. Like, no matter what, you think that the bathroom, especially if you have kids, is like, all right, I get 5 minutes, just quiet, do what I gotta do, and then you go, hello. Are you there? Hey, I saw you going there. I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I'm hungry, mom. Dad. I don't have children. But I think that this would be a step too far for me. I do not have an open door bathroom policy in my house, and there's just two of us living here. What about in your home Gareth? We kind of have a closed door, but the door's still knocks. But let me ask you this question. Rob shirt, so you can relate. Do you let Darby in the bathroom with you? I do. When I first got him, it was I wasn't used to living with a doggy. And so Darby pushes his nose, because we don't have a lock on the door, but I close the door, you don't have a lot on your bathroom. I am never going to the bathroom in your house. I'm not running in, there's only three, but if you read my house, there's been three people here. I can see one of them, Bruce. I can see myself. So I know where you are. So you kind of have an open door box. Maybe I do. I don't know. Hey, your advice is the day she got us talking about this, even though I'm not quite sure I agree. Selena Gomez is addressing the violent disgusting hate following Hailey Bieber's podcast comments. So Hailey Bieber did a podcast recently and she said, what are the lowest moments was dealing with all the online hate shortly after this aired? Selena addressed the online hate on TikTok, she's a really remarkable person, Selena Gomez, like she doesn't have to do this. It'd be easy to ignore it. And she says no. I'm not ignoring it. I don't want this. I don't want vile disgusting things. It's not fair words really, really matter. I'm impressed. I'm really am I forget how impressive she is constantly and I shouldn't. I get it. But I think she's brilliant. What do you think about her Garrett? It's definitely the high road. But again, just let go, just like we were talking about. Harry and Alex Rodriguez, everyone that still believes that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are going to get back together. You need to let the following isn't the same. It's not all of them. But some of the fans it is over. Let them move on talking to moving on, let's end with a moment of rabi. You get a rubber on the other one. Yeah, rob. I love this crew. It's from Henry Matisse, the artist, and we don't normally quote our on this podcast normally we could Kim Kardashian, but I just love this quote. We should do more Henry. Henry Matisse, maybe we'll do Picasso tomorrow. Okay. I love this quote. There are always flowers for those who want to see them. I woke up this morning. I have a little bit of a cold. I'll admit. I didn't necessarily see the flowers. And I stopped, I poured myself a cup of coffee, and I saw a flower out of my window and I smiled. They are there if you want to see them. I did not want to see them this morning. I was in a bit of a grumpy mood. And there was a flower that I didn't see looking at me, and I saw it in the end. You can see the flowers, I promise you, if you want to see them, they are there. That is it for today. Thank you so much. For listening to the naughty but nice thank you carrot with rob a dollar. You're so romantic. Production of iHeart radio. Let's be honest, I'm the flower. You're my flower. Oh, that would be a lovely payoff. I wish I thought about that. I'm in the window. Hi, rob. The end of the movie had we been on lifetime. Garrett and you are my flower. Don't forget to subscribe on the iHeartRadio app or Apple podcast or wherever you listen and leave us a review if you can get lots of new reviews. I did your show last week. Garrett I did albus show. We got a ton of new listeners, so welcome, welcome, welcome. The power of that show Garrett. It's massive. You never know and that's the weird thing about who's listening to the podcast. We just, we assume it's just a conversation between you and I. Rob shooter and the flower. That's the new podcast that we're starting tomorrow. But the amount of people that just listen that we have no idea, we appreciate it. And we thank you. We do thank you. And I give one shout out happy birthday Terry, somebody who we know is always listening. 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