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Feeling like nobody is really talking to you. Jenny feels like she's in florida shadow. They really want to know what jeremy is saying. That other people but like lenses like he's gonna talk to me and jenny. She's into charlie and thanks. Charlie likes her better than he likes. Cash which we've seen them never interact once but okay. She says the look like when he when he's when they're around each other you know she just those let via thought will was sending signals. It's all made up stopping. We'd yana think that will was sending signals. You know armpit jacob. Oh my god k then. There's more josh is like mad about jenny. Because it's so raunchy and social media And then try and cash talk again about how a treaty doesn't wanna be with cinco Tranessa charleena's a pep talk because he's acting too complacent i don't know confuses me because anytime that training cash these kind of conversations cash is like you don't deserve for him to treat you like this like you don't deserve glad you need somebody better when cash is and feeling for the same person and it just like it it confuses me like oh you deserve will turn it. Doesn't you know deserve you know xyz and neither do you but you're still pursuing this oftentimes so weird to me even though you know i do kind of want them to be together okay. It's just funny to be like you deserve so much better for him. I was pursuing him six hours ago. But you deserve better. But i don't you know you know based on what you're saying to trina that you deserve better you know but whatever k- we get the game which is smooch. Mary pie okay. It was very fun by. Don't feel like we need to go into every single thing that happened. single gop. hide a lot as he should have time. I believe it was shannon. Just grabs a second. I deserve to of these honestly iconic well did deserve to be pied and so did joe fair. Why did we'll get to dock. Nobody else got. And so yeah. I always hate that. And what i found. The overall thing they found interesting is they feel like on the uk. Often they will you know smooch the person they are coupled up with or in a relationship with and then mary like oh you're my best friend because they don't want their partners kissing someone else meanwhile these reborn like let me take an opportunity to get my tongue as far down someone else's throat as i can and have an excuse to do it. It's to the kiss now. I don't like that. Because all i can think about is one cafe was talking on that tongue in that horrible way down so hot like the tonka. I am a ton guy. Like i want my tongue route in so i like this can learn a few things you know what i mean. You can really learn a few things even when.

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