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New seventy years. Down Article. Minute seasons. Well it took them remember the articles five years to do the first four seasons. And then eight years to. Nine years. But recent the three seasons was just ridiculous how long the season's have taken. there. There was time when I thought it was canceled. And then it's like, oh It's still new seasons coming out in a few weeks. Okay. I guess I'm watch it. So. I school when when the first run the not the actual for season aired that was my freshman year college. But when the pilot air was my senior, Faisal so. Yeah I thought had already been canceled for at least five years. I. Used dropped. The last season. Was living in New York still when the last season aired seven seasons. Joe Madria of the issues. Now the last season was two, dozen eighteen I actually just not seen the seventh season. Had Wow. A. Roy's doing tonight. Yes. Students. I've already prepared for tomorrow. But. I'm. I'm not sure that actually because there was like a mean going around with people sharing. What something that meant a whole lot to you? Like a pop culture TV show that you don't really WANNA revisit. Think its venture by this. Shimmy actually because more I think about some of the jokes that were made particularly in those early seasons, some of the themes that they were working from some of the characters. At beats that they had. Age Slow. And I'm just a little worried that I'll go back and be like us that jokes really homophobic that jokes really transphobic. This whole plotline is super transphobic. while. My God spotlight Super Homophobic. Why are they doing this? Then I'll just those good memories. I have been such a hardcore bench brothers Fan. We'll just get kind of ruined and I, really don't want that I want to just kind of be like, oh. Yeah. Venture Brothers spent a lot to me. I. Don't need to go to go back to it. In. Anybody wants BOCEK HORSE WITH A little bit of a frigging depressing so Amazing. It was I don't know why you're others. Made me think of it. I mean adult animation I can I can understand. It has a similar. Nihilism. Bo jackets I understand even more nihilistic others and it's worse so. Said yes. So A bunch of kids I really liked windows on each of the every time I watched them soda. Yeah this. Thing, like just always felt like everything learn for. Yeah Definitely. Pretty intense but go ahead about lateness. Knocking jump Sulaiman's we can do. Every watch. Ms and. At cried twice, and if you haven't seen this, it's on I WANNA same influence. Own version, right? Yes you jack. You Jackman. I can't think of his name. Ladder. Russell Crowe. On happen I felt like an. Russell Pros. Like everything else about it is absolutely great advice I. Love Very much like I. Literally I don't think ever seen by most people's like literally always cry at the fencing debt and then depending on and then I used to cry at. The apennine like a little story, and now I cry at ever skied because it's getting. So. Like if you like musicals at all and. Time and feelings, you should undergo Lewis. It's on Netflix by the way. Which one? It is. Pretty good adaptation so has some really Good banger interpretations real weaknesses I think. Only real. This is. Only really to is. Don't think anyone else's think there's some definitely some lake stronger. There's not an obvious that I don't really. I think that the woman from Mama Mia what's her I've never seen Lays. Chunk daughter is we Remaining though. I loved that will plot but. I don't know. I can remember me so I had. The. Safe, read or. Office. I keep going my dear as I say, my dear. Thousand five days. Or whatever. I think she's find I. think she's roles of bland as a character, but I think that it's a dry character. And Yelich and like. Eternal virtual right like she's she doesn't really get to doing. Which is which would be a huge problem except that there's two others wrong will be. Having. It's also a nineteenth based on the nineteenth century liberal French novel also Lake. That's definitely something that the source material you gotta understand. Much. Yeah I mean like I think there's some amazing like you. Jackson's performance is really fantastic. Russell Crowe is underrated. Confrontation the to really unpredictable yes. But he like his songs and act one is really and I don't like him. Is Similar. I really should know the since I saw. Also spoiler Franken's also thinks so. Air. Israel like. A story of not once excel in full is of the the part I'm actually going to tell on there is we at moving far and I got Susan And my wife or calls me standing on the sink on the bar and singing the entire play as everyone ball shots. Arizona. So the Why did like in Kim possible amount shouts..

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