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45 state legislators debating a police reform bill right now on Beacon Hill, both sides almost in full agreement. Except for the issue of qualified immunity. Red stock scrimmaging at Fenway Celtics practice in Florida Now the Bruins kicking off their training camp today first federal execution and 17 years getting a last minute delay. The Trump administration will be looking to appeal on changes on the way in Washington for the Redskins team announces today they will retire the controversial mascot. New team name to come at a later date at 12 46. Those discussions are starting on voter safety ahead of November. A zit is almost a guarantee at this point that covert 19 will be having an effect on polling places and states are now offering mail and voting. Congressman Joe Kennedy, speaking to W. B C news radio, saying, on top of that foreign threats Are still have everyone on high alert threats. Election interference aren't limited of overseas, the nation's overseas. They, in fact, come from the Choice being put forward to too many people in our country of saying they're going to happen between your health. Or your vote and passing her bus protections like early vote like grow. Find out like that about 1/4 registration. Those could go a long way to ensuring that we have the options in place. To be able to respond and protect our democracy and Governor Charlie Baker also recently signing a male and voting law for the Commonwealth Senator Ed Markey, speaking to W. B C news radio, saying, it's the right thing to do is think like that. You can't allow elections. So looks like we're seeing across the country. Long lines now functioning voting machines, clothes, polling locations. We need to make it easier and not Harder, and that's what voting by mail is going to make possible, and I think it's a good job moving in that direction, so that everyone in become what came both by mail if they want and Senator Markie and Congressman Kennedy squaring off in the Democratic primary for Marquis Senate seat. That primary vote is taking place on September 1st to decide who will then go on to the November ballot at 12 47 the MGM casino in Springfield. Old opening its doors. At this hour. They opened up a 10 AM following all of the casino guidelines put forward by the Gaming Commission. No poker, no craps roulette until further notice any sort of blackjack or that style of gaming has to be capped at three players per table. There's also going to be plexiglass barriers. You also need to wear face coverings in the gaming area. The on ly exception. Is to sip a drink. And today it was the MGM in Springfield yesterday was Theon Core Boston Casino. Whatever the resort Casino became the second in Massachusetts to reopen Sunday behind Plainridge Park Casino and patrons are feeling Koven Nineteens impacts on course, president.

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