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To help you find answers get started at Merrill edge dot com slash within. Reach. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith incorporated registered broker dealer member s I P. C. Alright. WJR traffic and weather first Miss Dana Clark. 75 South found after sash of our road accident there is blocking that right shoulder, seeing a 15 minute delay just for trucks across the blue water bridge westbound between Canada and the United States now WJR weather first from the Weather Channel. Expecting us and more snow in the area that will move in starting tonight's right now, just looking at fog 17 degrees, so a very cold start only hitting 32 Today, those scattered snow showers and snow a start, though later this evening, they will become steadier and heavier late 1 to 3 inches overnight and then Tuesday, a few more inches during the day. And then just cloudy skies in the afternoon chance of snow on Tuesday about 80% snowfall could see another inter. So a high of 33 on Tuesday once again just 17 degrees. Fog. I'm Dana Clark WJR News with Maria's born in about three minutes. Hey, France, former Detroit Rodrick their card here and just kiss Jeff Martin out of the room so we could actually do these commercial pits properly. You know, maybe you're like me. This cold weather, combined with living with chronic pain can really get you down. But that's not the only thing you're letting it When trust me, I was there. Take a page out of D Max book, visit pain, free life centers and Troy. Not only did they help me knock off my pain, but they help me give 180 degree attitude adjustment. That's what I do to be able to enjoy.

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