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Antarctica are in the same department as me yet it's there is a profound weirdness of walking around agu especially when you give presentations here the allotted the presentations will begin with definitions know if like hey i study this which is an ill advised and it's it's amazing because you would expect it a lot of conference you've got while we all know and they'll just launch right into the details of it but because everything here is so crazy diverse and i love that but it also does mean that i do have to sort of play one on one and play this you want to one student all the time wait what is that again what are you talking about what's what is a cloud channel that sounds coal i don't know what that is that just like how do you but it was like banded with the air he's if these particular like cloud formations that are almost like linear and they'll run next to each other so they look clear on earth on earth and on on some of the big gas giants you can see him and it's like young atmospheric scientists as far as i can tell from what i've heard it kind of throat their shoulders shrug emoji style millikn we don't know what to do in this we noticed something new with the convection cells right it's definitely think i reviewed median some miss ability there yet but they're pretty distinct yeah that's weird and then you know and they persist one of the i think what happens is the kind of know how they might initiate but the fact that they persist in space for you know a hundred miles or something like that that's the part the people await want want the dissipates sort of self organizing climate system that seems kind of odd and people have been trying to figure that went out for a while but apparently hanggliders when they see that in the in the atmosphere they'll go go because it means that there are these big convection so they can online for a long time so it's kind of an instant visual learn you know visual cute.

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