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Well i mean it's crazy that it was in power for that long when everyone knew his uh andrew seem views on society while al assad noone smith couple nights ago about how in he was passed it was back in the days when supposedly mitzi would watch a tape of you remember that like tommy is standing in line near likes jahor beige you wouldn't be performing in front of her the i mean that was so i think when she first started not show come into the club as much a shia was and they tommy will take vhs tick literal vhs tapes up to her house and you know a think chest and martindale might have been the last paid regular be passed by mitzi seen him rant onstage i think jason tibo was the last person to be like a nonpaid regular like putting get spots really angered a weirdo yeah that belly room would development spots or whatever just so uh i mean a a you know when i had him on this podcast for about eighteen hours you're not kinda grew to appreciate his craziness but i also nerves never going to pass me even though he kinda lied said while you were the next scott a and i knew he gave adam malysz the five names to passer showcase and i wasn't on our list saw and say why you line to meet still and we do your dawned on the story could just say i you weren't mike type a comic her you know you didn't do for me or whatever but you know yet his way of running things uh and you know i think uh.

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