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General Matthew Whitaker will become the first member of President Trump's cabinet to testify before the democratic led house this morning. CBS news has a report coming up next. Also ahead local reaction on the passing last night of longtime. Michigan congressman, John Dingell. Also Detroit making progress on repairing broken water mains. There's one in front of my house right now. I'm Vicki Thomas. Good morning. I'm Jim Matthews for WWE. Newsradio nine fifty. Now. The latest from CBS CBS news update. House Judiciary chairman Jerrold Nadler, threatened, the president acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker with a subpoena. If he did not testify later today in references special counsel, Robert Muller's ongoing investigation into Russian election meddling and his communications with the White House related to the probe and the firing a former attorney general Jeff Sessions, but he says he'll be there reports. CBS's Elaine Quixote, tweet House Judiciary chairman, Jerry Nadler, confirmed Whitaker's scheduled appearance. The democratic led committee wants to question him about what he knows about the special counsel investigation. The committee had preemptively authorized a subpoena in case Whitaker refused to cooperate but Whitaker demanded the threat be removed before his testimony the president had this to say about his acting AG justify he'd do. Very. Well, he's an outstanding person a very very fine man testifying nine thirty AM today. CBS news update. I'm Matt piper. This is NewsRadio nine fifty WWE. News time four thirty two. We're following this story all morning democratic Michigan Representative John Dingell has died. The ninety two year old was the longest serving member of commerce in American history. Ingle came to congress in nineteen fifty-five taking over for his father who had died in office. He took up. His father's main cause and oversaw the passage of Medicare in nineteen sixty five. He chaired the powerful energy and commerce committee for twenty eight. Eight years passing clean air and water legislation even as he championed the auto companies from his home state of Michigan CBS news chief congressional correspondent, Nancy Cortes, former Michigan governor, Jim Blanchard. Speaking live on WWF about Dingle who he called his longtime mentor. I went to Bush forty five years ago. John had he's been there for twenty one years. All right. A legend, even then this is an end of an era. He was a mentor to many for dozens and dozens not just representatives familiar. Obviously an advocate for autos things like that. But it's interesting. Tough guy eurocrats were people who felt that wrong on issues were intimidated by him. But the truth is personally, he was very kind gentle person, very generous person. I'm very caring person, very loyal to his friends and family. That's former governor Jim Blanchard. Meanwhile are Lansing bureau chief. Tim's scorebig says big John has many called him was a big factor in Michigan. I think it's fair to say that there will never be anybody else like John Dingle and who's passing tonight. Comes with great sadness. But also, I think the family has great joy for what he did for his country. What he did for his state what he did for his city. And frankly what he did for his family. It's a it's a legacy. That's unparalleled it will be unmatched and US flags. We'll be at half staff today in memory of congressman John Dingell, governor Gretchen Whitmer ordering all u us in Michigan flags to be lowered within the capitol complex and on AllState buildings flags will be returned to full staff two days after the congressman's burial WBZ news time, four thirty four. It was a message of both prosperity and trepidation in Pontiac last night as Oakland County executive l Brooks Patterson delivered his twenty fifth state of the county address contrary to speculation in the media recently. I have that resigned my office while he touted the usual economic success markers a rolling three year balanced, budget, AAA bond rating and five billion. Of investment in things like healthcare, IT and robotics L Brooks. Patterson wanted to set the record straight Thursday night for those who he says feel Oakland County is not supportive enough of greater metro Detroit. Bottom line Oakland County is paying more than his fair share to support you region. And then some Patterson also used his platform inside of the new Pontiac corporate headquarters of United shore financial to share this warnings about what he called the threat of political factions in America today, they become more vitriolic threatening the worst of mob rule elderly could destroy the Republic that our forefathers dared to launch John Hewitt, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty with about a week now before the next government shutdown deadline. There's optimism in Washington that a deal can be reached by the house and Senate conference committee is now negotiating border security measures, President Trump brief yesterday about the talks Smith CBS news White House. Correspondent Steven Portnoy reports the leading GOP conferee Senate appropriations chair Richard Shelby said he had a positive meeting with. President to brief him on the talks Shelby says Mr. Trump was very reasonable and quote urged me to get to. Yes. The president was asked about the chances negotiators will reach a deal and avoid another shutdown. I certainly hear that they're working on something and both sides moving along. We'll see what happens. The president added we need border security. It's not an option. Steven Portnoy, CBS news..

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