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Makes me feel elated. All these people here just to celebrate box baby is an awesome thing, and I'm happy faces. This plaque. May you're and we are more than a statistic. What makes Roxbury special is its people. We are resilient and we are powerful Mayor Janey wasn't the only candidate for Mayor Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell and Anissa Sammy George also walked the parade in Roxbury. Suzanne Saz Ville WBZ, Boston's news radio. It's now 56 shots fired in broad daylight on Sunday in Everett, striking a woman's home. Police say they responded to the area of shoot Street. And Russell place around 11 30 in the morning. Police believe it was an isolated incident, someone on foot trying to shoot at a car or funding for the future. With summer jobs. W ABS Chris Farmer telling us about a jobs program for kids. All across the Commonwealth. It's a product of the attorney general's office and we're talking about a lot of jobs are programs funded over 1000 jobs since 2015. It's It's a great opportunity and a great way to make a difference in people's lives in as much as the type of jobs and experience. It exposes young people to this camp counselors and sport coaches and peer advisers and urban farmers and the light positions of leadership, says Eggy, Maura Healey and 75 Different organizations. Statewide boys and girls, Clubs, Food colon. Safety and survival programs that put a little coin in a kid's pocket and teaches them about health and wellness and making a difference in the community. It's a really great program, and we're really proud to to support it. Chris Farmer WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, seven Now in blue Origin, launches people into space for the first time founder Jeff Bezoza will be on board. No test pilots or flight engineers for Tuesday's debut flight from West Texas, just the founder of Amazon, his brother, an 82, year old aviation pioneer and also a teenage tourists. The capsule is entirely automated. Unlike Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic rocket plane that required two pilots to get him into space, and back a week ago, the billionaire rivals gearing up to launch anyone willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a brief Trip to space..

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