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There's some irony in that This is sort of right now the centerpiece of a recall campaign more on this story on our website at kfbk dot com. Right now, More news with Joe Michael's, Can you former Republican Congressman Doug OC, is considering a run for California governor in a possible recall election aimed at Governor Gavin Newsom. Oh, she hasn't yet officially jumped into the race, but he's strongly consider it. He says he has some business obligations to tie up before he could make that decision at partners. They're relying on me, but if I can get that put together It's very likely that I'll run for governor owes, he says. Voters are looking for new leadership after the state's poorly planned a vaccine rollout and Newsome strict covert 19 health order recall supporters have about a month left together the required signatures they still need more than 200,000 valid signatures to make the recall effort. Official You. County health officials say Chico's largest hospital has the infrastructure to be a mass vaccination site escaped because Mike Bacca tells us they just need the supply through and low in Chico. Right now, those air considered Max at mass vaccination clinics does have the capacity to do 1200 people a day 200 people in our that is Lisa Almaguer with Butte County Public Health, she says. The facilities are ready to go, but they simply need vaccine. To bring this to the public on a grand scale, not at issue of demand, but it's more of an issue of supply. The more just as we have a larger clinics, we can run. So, um yes, I think you'll see a continuation of mass clinics. Mike Baka News 93.1 KFBK, one in three women will eventually be impacted by heart disease so in hopes of bringing awareness in treatment and prevention The American Heart Association is again sponsoring its annual national Wear Red Day tomorrow. Sutter Health Cardiologists Doctor near Lima, Vala Polly says. While heart disease is the number one killer of women, it has a very high percentage of being prevented. This particular awareness program is to improve awareness among younger women so that they become aware off part disease, symptoms of heart disease and how to prevent heart disease because 80% of the heart disease. Preventable. The Heart Association officials say heart disease among women in their twenties is on the rise. And with the world focusing primarily on the Corona virus pandemic there, encouraging you to learn Mawr's A potential heart issues aren't left on traded. You'll find more information online at go red for women dot org's It's 5 34 on the kfbk. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Yeah, Joe. That's yet another event that Has gone away in person. Usually there's a big fashion show and all kinds of stuff to a company that you know the Southern folks do a great job of the Art Fair Mall. But I guess what's important to note is just because the fashion show on the food demonstrations and everything had gone away. The risk of heart disease has not and really important for women, particularly to make sure they're getting screen and getting the proper things because You know this can happen to anybody. All right, Joe Michael's there. Sacrament County's Health Department will be holding a covered 19 vaccine clinic this Saturday for seniors 65 older, the clinic will be held it Cristo Rey High School from 9 to 5. Anybody eligible must register online for an appointment. No walk ups accepted it. This one. The clinic will have 1000 doses and people will be vaccinated on a first come first serve basis. It's 5, 35 and kfbk. We're gonna get you up to speed on your latest stories. National stories here. From ABC News. Vote. A rama or quick passage of budget amendments is underway in the Senate, and it puts Democrats a step closer to passing President Biden's Covad relief package with or without bipartisan support We're hoping to do through the package is provide assistance Tonto Americans who are struggling to make ends meet At this moment time, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Johnson and Johnson is asking the FDA to grant emergency use authorization for its single dose covert 19 vaccine. Johns Hopkins University today said U S deaths topped 450,000. The house removed Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees today and this vote. The yays are 230. The nays are 199. The resolution is adopted 11 Republicans joining Democrats in voting Yes, an Australian man accused of squandering more than $90 million from investors to US Cryptocurrency.

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