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Mike Leigh is dismissing concerns about the Supreme Court, gutting Obama care after it. Here's aural arguments later this year. The patient protection and Affordable Care act was I believe unconstitutional when it was enacted, it was unconstitutional when it was litigated in 2012 on a bee sees this week, the Utah Republican argued Judge Amy Cockney. Barrett should not have to deal with the arrows thrown her way over Obama care because of the law. Not being legally sound Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden says it's clear what President Trump is doing with his latest Supreme Court nominee, President Trump is trying to throw out the affordable care act. He's been trying to do it for the last four years. Fighting addressed the president's pick of Amy Cockney Barrett from Delaware today and says many Americans will be hurt if Obama care is struck down. A federal judge in Montana is ousting the acting director of the Bureau of Land Management. Jim Forbes, has that story, Chief District Judge Brian Morris ruled. William Perry Pendley has been serving unlawfully in the position. For over 400 days, he added. The Interior Secretary David Barnett, lacked the authority to appoint penalty and other permissible past were not used, including being nominated by the president. This comes in response to a lawsuit brought by Montana Governor Steve Bullock. He argued Penley shouldn't be heading the agency because the Senate didn't confirm him. You're listening to the latest from NBC News radio. More than 20 anti police. Rioters are under arrest in Portland after clashes overnight. The violence lasted into the early morning hours as police drove the mob away from the federal courthouse downtown. The CEO of American Airlines is holding out hope Congress will act to help his industry. Our plan actually is to get Congress and administration to come together and get relief package passed. Little includes support on CBS's face. The Nation, Doug Parker noted There is bipartisan support on the issue of helping airlines continue. So whether the Corona virus pandemic at least 20 students on the Pleasantville campus of Pace University have tested positive for covert 19 David Folk. Thomas has that story, school officials say, after four student athletes tested positive last Monday, 600 members of the school community were tested and another 16 students tested positive for the virus. All 20 students are in isolation, and their contacts are also quarantining 18 of the positive cases are stewed. It's who live in alumni Hall and Westchester County officials are requiring a 14 day quarantine for all students living there. Authorities in southeast Texas warn of a brain eating amoeba. They have found in the water supply. Lisa Taylor reports. The discovery of the single celled parasite is the reason for a do not use water advisory now, in effect for several cities and communities south of Houston residents are being told not to drink or use the tap water, including for bathing all of this after six year old Joe Sion McIntyre died September 8th at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Doctors told Messiahs Mom the cause was due to an amoeba infection. The California State Library is asking people to submit essays, poems, letters, photographs, artwork or videos in relation to cove. It 19 experiences. I'm Cameron Fairchild, NBC news radio. This report is sponsored by Stand up to cancer. I'm.

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