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And compete. Everything will take care of itself, and I've just been trying to Get that back that mind set back into my head, and it's just been paying off. Maverick scarred Tim Hardaway Jr after his big Night last thing and Miami against the Heat. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of Plano Sports test Come. Steve Lamb, Hardaway. Put on a show in an arena where his father, Tim Hardaway, Jr. Jersey, swing from the rafters as a heat legend. Hey, ended up with 36 points on his way to tying the Mavericks record for threes. In a game. He had 10 of them. With the Wind. Dallas moves into fifth place in the Western Conference standings. Great comeback by the Rangers last night in Minnesota. They had to do it late rally to beat the twin 63 in 10 innings and Innate were picture called Gibson gives up three rent three hits, eight strikeouts. It was able to do it against the team. Me played a lot for just being back back Where Ah, lot of this started for me, you know, 10 years ago, so A lot of fun and, Yeah, it was just one of those games that you know you get excited for it and try to get through some nerves in the first thing, then go have some fun after the spent seven years pitching for the Twins after being the first round. Rap picked by their team back in 2009 Ranger. The Twins play a couple more games before Texas comes home for the weekend in a serious against Seattle, and we talked about it 30 minutes ago that Prescott said he could play in a game right now, if he had to. With his ankle injury coming along. Prescott also telling CNBC that he's spending some of the money you got in that new contract with the Cowboys investing in the Louisiana based restaurant chain called Walk ons. Currently have three of those in the D FW area, and they're opening another one in Texas. Down in Waco Walk ons was founded by a pair of former Alice You basketball players who walked onto the team. 40 locations in nine states. Most of those in the South That you look at sports and Steve Land. This'd afternoon inside a true patriot. Mark, Love Ian. Now the morning use with Al J and Brian Estrich or news talk a 20 w v f w b a p dot com couple of stories that are trending right now. Here in 7 37 of them, you'd be a P How season four. I'm glad, stupid sitting down because I know how he feels about Rip. She's in four of Yellowstone when when they're saying now, mid June Okay, so it'll drop mid June Middleton and away. Yes. So it's gonna be here before, you know? Yeah. And the reason I bring that up is a twofold. One kind of related. Did you see where Yellowstone had 43 earthquakes in April, and I did see that it's just this thing. Just a matter of time. They've been saying this For a matter of time. Right then they have been for hundreds of Yes, yes. But this was this was a really big number. Yeah. 43 43 Talia. You know again. It's What will that do to humanity if that thing blows? Yeah, right. What happens there and bring you that? And then I also bring you this story that we didn't get a chance to talk about. And that is the fact that you see where the four sixes has been sold. I knew that it was on the market. I I thought it already been sold. But good Gosh, how much to go for it Sold the Let's see what I wanna make Sure I get this right? It's kind of it's own city. An operation. It is, um, $347 million. That's what they were on this. That's what they were on the market for. Now are friendly. Was our technical producer. Yes, Lee. You know the new buyer, right? Or you know of him. He's on in here. Okay, well, he's not in here leads. Not in here. Do not work. The main fire 300. Do you realize all the people of the world that can write a check for that, right? Writer who bought it. No. Taylor Sheridan. You know who Taylor shot the four sixes? Yes, cause is that show doing that great. Yeah. Do you know Taylor shared in this house? I'm just Oh, my God, he said that shows doing that great. I'm I'm still going to have shared in this. Was an actor. Taylor Sheridan is the screenwriter and producer of Yellowstone. Is that riots? 350 million bucks for the four sixes. He must be getting tired of that place down 10 top road that he bought from Jerry Durant, Exactly. So is he a local guy? He spends about your time here? Yeah. Texas boys born in Crandall's gap, right? He's the face of the buyer group. There are others that are part of it. Yeah, s so it's all one deal. 266,000 Acres with all three ranches, Cattle, horses, equipment, furniture, brand name, everything. Bottom 6000 acres. Yes, they're gonna continue to run it. As a working ranch and they continue to offer employment. All employees, you know, they have working cowboys of that ranch. And this is I've read this. This is not here so I can tell you weren't ready. But Uh, these working cowboys, they'll actually go out. And you may not see him for a couple weeks. Yeah, well, the ranch of their horse and working at all of this stuff. Sure they're gone for Weeks at a time. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So you've got you've got the four Sixes Ranch, which is located in Guthrie. That's about 142,000 acres. You got the Dixon Creek section, which is about 114,000 Acres and Carson and Hutchinson counties. Okay, And you got the third division, The Frisco Creek, which is about 9400 Acres and Sherman County. That makes up the four that makes something all three of them? Yeah, for the four sixes. Whenever you drive out to Lubbock, Of course, you get to go by the figure of the northern route. So I see a episode of Yellowstone or two. Oh, yeah. And filmed here in Texas. Yeah. Oh, easily. I think they have filmed some here on the south of whether whatever the restaurant is that. Yeah, there. They also shot some at the at the Guthrie places Well, So they did shoot some segments last year there Uh, so But it well or six is now off the market. Sub G will $347 million a full time job. Just keeping the fence line up in it. You imagine of you in charge of Vince's Oh, my. It sets in three different counties. Yeah, I mean some things. Let me you gotta paint fences this weekend, right this weekend this year way, Lord. Traffic.

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