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Tags a lot more than i ever did before in that's really nice with him in to be able to quickly find things are search based on attacker organize things like he now and really depend upon all i never thought i would i was a kind of a nice air for tax for a long time using them well there's a lot what a stuff they do with you know if the stuff that you seen before like merlin que trick that's a great tag and then i have a smart group of like should here's on my que tiene que files that are to that attack you could que yeah could do with tech search to but i prefer the tag because now it's easier to search it's easier to see i could see a whole list of everything that everything that attack of que you know the new now finding documents with a single que and and so just explained turlock two to two triples well go listened impede twenty three to think that was the that was the with second you know but number i would first talk about the pissed but if you just for so long any so smart and when he winning talked about the the que trick or the who's another one talked not like rest facts or something like that that he came up with where it's that unique word de can easily find and if you using like in via all you can be sure you type that out and it's gonna filter the list just those that have alerts essentially tag right yeah and missed hue trip was he just keep using a sequence accused and the more to use like but the more important it is or something something like that with his originally terminology around it though if it's for q's it's really important and then you know you type four _q's you don't see any document unless that's for q's and that's a pretty important document and three _q's maybe less important in the four and it find things that are for que sam three _q's into _q's find even more stuff in you know it's just a way to progressive leave filtered.

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