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You know in past british funerals they were all rather dismal ruined when puts a charlotte died in eight in seventeen stewart's the thirds wife who's whom charlotte north carolina's named after the royal undertakers were drunk in 1820 seven when the duke of york died the chapel of so called the foreign secretary got robotic fever and the bishop of london later died from it victoria wasn't those were the day the victorian was obsessed with her own death she was the first gotha central well because her husband died when she was so young right i'll sheep in separated from albert for changing she spent decades in morning she never war anything but black from the day he died she didn't like it when people called and said you have prince albert in the can very very tasteless to do that queen when did i indian when did the piercing velika starts be called the prince albert i don't even know where is that a reference to two his royal highness i can't imagine that he had a prince albert of all the people who can have the prince albert outside prince albert is close to the bottom of the list to those of you in the future the prince albert love he delicate about what of prince albert prince albert piercing is a piercing in the last place a male would want to get a pierce that's right so she was obsessed with her own death and plant her funeral abuse she knew what was going to be in her casket from eighteen seventy like a bottle of jim beam and a couple of blunts and her husband's prince albert under and also edward vii her son was apparently very vein and so he upped the ante even more and you i had i think what you're seeing their has kind of the twotonne equality of the german royalty seeping into the british is lucrative it is a continental problem they want the the the goosestepping guards and the stiff salutes them you know they want the whole teutonic vibe right it is early in the 19th century queen victoria was you know riding around in a donkey cart because that's just not how they did things there but only very different when queen elizabeth dis you know they they know every detail you know these meetings were cover the.

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