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How's everybody doing? Good. Good. You're sleeping was good. Sleeping getting some good sleep. I'm being mindful about I'm getting rest. Thank goodness. I can't say that very often, no, especially with our shift all of you that are up with us right now. You know what, you know how it goes, did you tell me? Guess your nap was about two hours. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. I heard I heard about those rumors. I watch little house on the prairie, then I took my nap. Oh, yeah. We're gonna get to that in the six o'clock hour, little Alexis on the prairie, she's going to she's going to tell us kind of recap episode episode to write season one season one episode two little legs on the prairie. That's coming up six o'clock hour, going on with that Engels family. I wouldn't think you wouldn't think that there'd be a beehive evac tippety on the prairie but there really is a. There's a lot that happens in fifty two minutes of network television in the eighties, or I think sort of the seventies. But yet. Are you enjoying it? I really to it kind of makes me laugh when it shouldn't. Like that. Yeah. Some of the still shots all set in just pan over to Laura and her little buck teeth or hanging out. Yeah. It's like a little too long for her reaction, and all she's doing just smiling blankly into the camera with her little teeth. Yeah. I don't think they had dentist in walnut grove north at Donna's having a linebacker. Senator it was very teeth Don. How you doing? I'm doing great feeling 'cause you're a little under the weather. Your carrier monkey? I think that they're Sony people out there that probably have worse things going on than me. So I'm not gonna say that I. Have you have you looked anybody because you're using that as a defense mechanism threat to elect anybody? I didn't have to lick anybody. But you know what today, I'll be on your TV show. So if somebody gets out of lying to lick them they put done now dawn programming note. We'll be on the Jason show today talking about in person. We'll be talking about that house in New Orleans. Thank you for helping with who so very excited about that. The it was funny. I can always tell when there's a myriad of mytalkers, a myriad of a murder of crows, a myriad, a myriad of mytalkers. I can always tell there's a myriad of mytalkers, my studio audience for the TV show because after the show, I always do I tape promos for the next day and whenever I can tell.

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