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Hello and welcome back we've just watched eastern promises and Lydia is going to give us a quick summary of the plots now when always great at doing this but. I thought this time. It's very important to let you know that there will be spoilers. So spoiler alert if you haven't seen it, there are some pretty important twists and turns, and if you don't want to know what they are ahead of time, we suggest you go away and watch the don't go away but. A more. Polite. Maybe pull as the PODCAST and watch the film, and then come back if you're not bothered about things being revealed ahead of time then proceed on with us right now. Okay. So over to you lydia with the plot. Awesome. All right. So we have Naomi Watts. Her character's name is ANA. She is nurse working at a hospital or a nurse slash doctor. She works with newborn babies and a baby comes into her life through the death of a young prostitutes with a journal that on a starts to investigate, she comes to find out that this woman. Was Somehow connected to a restaurant where there are some Russians a very, very nice Russian restaurant. She encounters Nikolai who is a driver for the restaurant played by Vigo Mortenson she encounters senior on who's the owner of the restaurant. As well as Simmons Son, Q.. and He's played by Vincent Cassel say his last name and Simmons played by army newer. Ana. Is Very much trying to figure out where does this baby belong her mother died in hospital she's trying to find a home for her and she asks her Russian uncle to translate the Journal at the same time that Seem Yon Expresses Interest in translating the Journal we come to find out through this journal translating process that the mother of this young baby was a prostitute and there's some speculation as to. WHO's running this prostitution ring Very dangerous and mysterious for awhile we find out that seem yon and his. Son, as well as a several others are part of a Russian mafia in London and they're doing all kinds of scandalous things. One of which is prostitution Ana. Is befriended by Vigo Mortenson 's character who tries to Kinda help her out a little bit. But SIEMIAN and his son gradually tried to take control of the situation seem yon gets curiel to kidnap the baby from the hospital and in the attempt to drown the baby because as we come to find out he is in fact, the father pseudomonas as the father of this baby and so he could be convicted of statutory rape. We also find out that Nikolai played by Vigo Mortenson is in fact an undercover agents..

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