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You can't do that you know or or or or why don't you take money from from the war fond instead you know that's that's often the attitude i see was like well how about this programme instead you know and then when you start talking about cutting that program than like well no we need to go cut this programme instead and it seems like everybody kind of wants to pass the buck to somebody else's pet projects uh ellen i think genuinely people do want to help others you know so the idea of you know taking food stamps away from from the chlorine often times is a hard pill to swallow um you know i do think there are rational reasonable ways we can do that uh in a way that isn't harmful to anybody on i think we just have to be a little more innovative with our ideas and realize it what we've been doing is perpetuating the system it's not helping buddy when it comes to libertarian solutions specifically the biggest reaction i get for most people is that well that's just too radical anz you know it's it's a very big foreign wide distance between like add darrell w perry anarchist and a gary johnson pragmatic libertarian you know darrell perry would want to abolish everything overnight and then you have you know if it were to happen a president gerry johnson that they had gone that way that would have said well you know let congress steel fatter may be will cut the fat here and maybe we'll incremental you make those changes do you think that people are just two too busy thinking of you know the extreme just a race at all overnight situation and do you think they've ever be willing to found though may be experiment with these ideas because it's weird because the left these days seems to be really down if the idea of federalism and states rights and things like that and it's.

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