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Just the d i think there had to be something just really good personally happening inside of him the to this background brought him to this point i agree so manson committed the first known murder in nineteen sixty nine when he shot a black drug dealer he owed money to name bernard crow now this this murder was a murder of necessity again it wasn't part of any larger narrative that we're aware of this was a guy he owed money to his his only salute he tried to parlay sacks didn't work so he killed him he then had he and several this fam family members went and held a guy named gary hinman hostage for several days trying to get him to hand over his stocks and bonds before manson ordered him staffed and yeah stocks and bonds honestly that's a weird request like when you're robbing a guy i i him liquidate don't trade it says over this himself i have tried more than once to sell some bonds at a pawnshop and it didn't go pennies on the dollar is all i got frankly what you know more thieves maybe we're we're looking at this wrong more thieves need to go into investment theft oh they stabbed this guy and then and then this is kind of where they began trying to spark the race war they they used his blood to paint political piggy in blood on the wall and they also drew a panther pa.

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