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Saturday morning it's 9 O 8 Michael and son spring AC tune up for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks married a pampas in the traffic center All right Nick and we're gonna go straight into Virginia talk about our issues on interstate 95 One of which was an auto fire that was in the express lady's running south between woodbridge and Dale City So after the Prince William Parkway you are staying to the left to get by They are in the process of cleaning everything up but they are at least letting folks go through So that is the bright note Now in the main lines of interstate 95 it is heavy and slow and stretches and staff are county as per usual and the weekend wants the spring starts and this may be the first part of spring break for some but our listener says that 95 in spotsylvania county your delay running south to route three that is a work zone right lane is blocked in the through lanes So be prepared for that We're checking now and resting with a new crash being reported on sunrise valley road river birch road watch for direction or watch for response heading there near frying pan road Nothing happening on 66 that's a bright note Three 95 without incident coming north mountain across the 14th street bridge getting heavy you will find access to the 12th street expressway is now closed off A lot of events for the cherry blossoms happening all weekend We have the parade today and they are closing more roadways for the parade a little later today but from 14th street all the way through the capitol Pennsylvania constitution across the mall you're going to find street closures and parking restrictions Freeway is available again very heavy One of the only alternatives and in and out of the third street tunnel stays open All other Potomac river crossings are available as well keep that in mind constitution with that closure from 14th on is pretty congested right now but independence avenue will stay open a full list of the closures can be found on WTO P dot com In Maryland 95 running south was still a little heavy getting past one 75 better news that crash officially cleared this traffic report is being sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank Local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking it's better at Burke and Herbert bank at your service since 1852 Mary de pompadour traffic Storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller will begin the day with some sunshine and then the clouds are going to roll in here this afternoon Temperatures will be cool We're talking mid to upper 50s.

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