President Trump, Pacific Ocean, Mariana Trench discussed on Glenn Beck


Part of one of many factors that will look at us part of our investigation the four people killed. Passengers on the Royal Princess, the fifth was the pilot statement from the cruise line said Princess, Cruises extending its full support to travelling companions of the guests involved. The president promising a helping hand to some of the hardest hit people as a result of the trade war China trade war, it's going to raise costs for Americans. But President Trump is defending his tariffs. Even though he admits farmers could get hit by retaliatory measures Monday. Trump said he would use some of the tariff revenue which is paid by US importers to help keep farmers afloat. A Dallas businessman has successfully made the deepest ocean. Dive of any human being in history. Victor Visco VO reached the bottom of the Pacific ocean's challenger deep on April twenty eighth. He was thirty five thousand eight hundred fifty three feet down when he reached that deep spot in the Mariana trench. He says his expedition found at least three new species of marine animals. He surveyed and mapped the region is down there. For like, four hours he collected scientific samples. Yes. Said he found a plastic bag and some candy wrappers boy, they sunk to a new low. Actually, I think that's great news. Very upset about this in this particular story, at least it wasn't like a graveyard of plastic bags miles down seven miles. That's a long way down if plastic bags will go seven miles to the bottom of the ocean floor. Well, that's great. Liv malone. Yeah. But they're still animals down there. I'm joking eight thirty five let's get an update on traffic.

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