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I gotta think that just you gotta think that they've reached that point for some countries and some people it takes longer authoritarianism is hard to hard to put down depends on how brutal they are Medeiros been very, very brutal and traumas was also very very brutal. But I have to think that they've got enough support. They've got enough international support and backing on this if they can just convince more and more of the military to defect they can just do that. And that's what they're trying to do right now. The actually going there delivering leaflets to military bases there slipping under the gates this. Hey, you got Anisi if you join our 'cause you've got Anisi, but what they've got is. They've got the the majors colonels those people have all been cut in. So they've got to somehow believe that their major colonels not gonna shoot them as they walk out the door. And that's not easy to do. If you want liberty. You have to be willing to fight for it. You can't just be willing to stand out there and say I want it that doesn't do. Anything you have to be able to fight for it. We'll be sure to keep an eye on that Andrew you said your top story is alcohol and power go hand. Thank you. Ballpark hall and power night. I'm going to begin with the premise that you own your Asaf against and whatever you wanna pour down at is your business as long as you're not driving, or you know, ruining your lawn mower or something crashing into a mailbox. It's it's you putting anyone else in danger. This is a better way. Paying? Thank you. Sync problem with somebody ruining. There were lawn more and it's newer Bill box. It's everyone needs a hobby. Right. So when you when you get to a state to state level, there's all these weird alcohol laws that are still on the books. Oklahoma where I'm from. We kept pro prohibitions going to like nineteen fifty six or so we just went strong with it. And we also we were still drinking the mayor would go to like the VFW, and they'd have a keg. And then they'd call the cops to let them know to come busted up, and they all scatter. So it was like that. In a go to church in Idaho, Perot's for my ranch, and you know, where the churches right across the street is an old saloon, and they all go out of church and Mormons they would all go or salute some not all of them. But some of the more go over and saloon, they're just like, look, it's the west God and everything I need whisk. There should be. I'm a cowboy. Bishop. I would not. With adults. So there's there are all these weird books that are laws that are still on the books and one of them just felt out in Virginia which I'm excited about because these irritate me so much so in Virginia and Massachusetts as well. It's been a legal for years to advertise actually in Massachusetts. You can't have happy hour. You can't do that. They're gonna interfere with the business in Virginia. You can have happy hour. You can't advertise it it's legal to do that. And it's this weird thing to where you can say we're gonna have half off drinks. But you by law can't say I'm going to have to for one drinks, there's lots of gag orders. Like that they're in the works Virginia. I think they've got the ABC the alcohol bureau out bureau commission, which I think means they've got socialists liquor stores. I think I know Pennsylvania does that Pennsylvania has. Yeah. Which if there's one thing the government doesn't need to do it supply liquor. We can handle that government. Thank you. We're not one on top of that a gentleman in Virginia and the DC area. Huhne's three restaurants to them are in DC. One of them's in Virginia. And he sued the state of genu- going. Look I wanted to be able to use the same advertising. For these three places. I it makes sense for me to have. Hey, Thursday night. We have two for one drinks. And I can't do that and Virginia. It's hurting me. I'm actually kind of impressed that he did. He went the economic route from what I can tell rather than the free speech route just because I don't think we should overdue that for fear that that might become more difficult to use an actual freedom of expression cases..

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