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And more to step aside in the wake of these multiple sexual assault and harassment allegations speaking of sexual harassment and assault an 18yearold in california has admitted to molesting upwards of fifty young children after he told his mother he sexually assaulted two boys and she turned him in joshua excuse me joseph hayden boston at says name it was charged on saturday with assaulting two boys aged four and eighth at a motel in riverside california police say quote he also admitted to molesting upwards of fifty young children since he was ten years old in different forms in different cities where he lived mr boston was arrested after his mother flagged down of riverside police officer around three a m on saturday she said she wanted to turn in her son for suspected molestation boston is now being held on a one milliondollar bail in oklahoma woman is accused of abandoning her diabetic and nearly blind husband leaving him to die in his body to lay undiscovered for months reading air from the associated press the woman was arrested in sayer oklahoma oklahoma last week authorities say the man's body showed no obvious sign of foul play and not an autopsy will determine if he died due to neglect to dogs were also found dead inside the home the man was diabetic blind and unable to get food or water that was not already inside the home the sheriff's department as recommended charges of caretaker neglect financial exploitation and animal cruelty look pretty cold at his word cold good ending to one of those stranger stories from last week's new cycle of florida teenager who was found with her high school soccer coach and upstate new york on friday says she was afraid to leave the country with the man becomes quote he would mess up her life caitlyn foreseen us 17 years old was located in syracuse new york what 27yearold bryant rodriguez more than one thousand miles away from her home a state trooper pulled over the car on friday for a routine traffic stop and found the pair inside for seena was reported missing last week after she.

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