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And William regal announces the breakout tournament featuring the talent, who have never been on TV or, or fucking gay, John wick villain, gay Jags, actually, like cage way, John week, some of the people announcing in the borough tournament, Shane Strickland, Trevor Lee ACH Samuel Shaw with different names. Always different as how you remember. Strictly hang he changed his name, but he they kept his his, his fucking nicknames. And it seems. Girl medium is gonna take that Bill from Shane, high hopes, learn ally. Because they just announced a rematch or annexed tapings that she lost because tapings would have announced Br rumors that she lost the belt ready. And they just they played a million video package about her early life in before annex t our good must be the domestic violence shoot. Jesus fact faxes. So he's so hot though, besides that. I watch a lot of Brian Zane, but that's not new this week Her as as she watches. she watches games, fucking choke on. No. Like I said, the end the speed arrow versus Matt riddle Elgin dream, great match. I loved it w I love fucking contra that, Sammy the semi Callahan, and Mace fucking death Windu fuck as the base man's man's. Yeah. Mace windu. He's he's like trying to be dusty. I shine looked like a fucking, promo wise. The guy the guy he a fucking Briscoe is bothering me the, the Ludar hooters early on in that matches is a great solid match low ki I gotta tell you. I love low key race still. Yeah. Yeah. Teaches as he biting people's ears. Oh, no. But it's just like take it down. It's like what? Shit mad sun ever just look at low key. I want to know. Why are you so mad? Goodbye. Isn't known not being bitter. Like man. You speak Spanish, it's like no you. You gotta be spending do. But besides that what we watch the wrestling this week. I'm trying to say I'm trying to sneak see that I see. Oh, I watched them. I watch the watch the rest of this week. It was a lot of I watched the, the most powerful woman wrestling, it was about. Like I mentioned a Megan. Does. Bolivia real good story. I watched a death match ship. Still don't fucking get it. On band. Oh, actually, I did watch something else. I watch impacting TJP actually gave Austin Austin his first awesome, as I loss. So seems like TJP's back in the fold as. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I like the W two big fan of him forgot impacts on TV. I came find the channel exactly. None of honor. Where's that? They're making a new channel. So we'll see. We'll see but yeah, TDP the victory Mundo is in the x division champion razor respond stupid, you don't like it. Mundo is a main event guy and also way above. Yeah. Guy too and they're going to the United championship now. He'll just thing is like there was no transition. He just jump straight into excellent agreed. Agreed. Also like what is exhibition mean now is nothing? They'll open weight, basically now or championship, I feel like they fucking next. They need to make that they need. They really need a push that out there because I feel like there's still a lot of temporary. Win. Someone there they had the TV title before. So they should bring it back on the TV also, like I just hate a lot of belt suit. I hate when approach has a lot of belts. Now, if you're not doing if it's a promotion has a low number of wrestlers, I get it not to bring a lot of belts. But if you got a full card on the fuck and not doing anything with them, let them chase something, the for veterans as a fucking a block of cheese, or some shit. I wasn't a fan of the television title 'cause I just felt like it was it was just another inner Connell intercontinental title a different name. I just like it that you could put it on whenever you just put it for, for any reason because you don't even have to put the championship on every on every fucking episode. You don't have to the heavyweight championship. You don't have to or exit at least a TV title is, it's almost basically, the, the TV the twenty seventh title is like you said, you always got a defendant when as a TV show put that on there. But other than that, I think impact is impacts right now. It's in a fucking Linda weird place. Ring of honor. It's definitely weird place. Kinda scary for them. Radars down? Yeah. I'm afraid that they might be, you know, if it doesn't turn well for them that does stuff does fucking ring of honor. It might be closing shop and it sucks. Especially they have a somewhat of a money market behind him with a Sinclair companies like they gotta let that should go. Their main people are fucking chant mardi score, which he's going to AWS as contracts over maybe, maybe not. 'cause I've heard of this rumors that he might not be wanting to join that ship either. He's actually probably going to be more comfortable staying in Japan. Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, I like Mike villain press who knows. You might even see modest growing. U N, C, U K. Isn't it fascinating? How many options are you know that's the way you're supposed to see nowadays? Look at look at volt Volta comes in and he's done Volta. He's, I signed calculus on eight he's like, don't put me nowhere. Right. Where Lee, right. Walk in movie. Look, if p done what's going on is, I don't fucking move me. He'll be the fuck life as he sees the fucking anxiety. That'll be as. Ship believe him the fuck there and plus the so much talented as doing well like the now at the imperial, getting bigger. British strong asong style. So good there Travis Travis banks is doing well there, I love I love that kid. I can't wait to see him in Volta go at it. It's, it's, it's, it's gonna be a really, really good run from him today. Oh, need to move anywhere else as managers apart of the roster. Remember? Yeah. Packages still he's sick. I just think right now. What companies like impact impact should be really taking advantage of advantage of scoop it up. A lot of these indie guys. I think this is their opportunity to really showcase them and actually show that you can do much more than these fucking old heads that you bring in. Yeah. No sense. That's ridiculous. Ring of honoring Avante as I you better. Find a big name in a big name quick. Yeah. And you better hope they're Russian. Yeah. You better. Hope any better get that Bill overtaken, even was cool. But not right now, even is not your chair. Most of the time for even if. Human. Yeah. It's a wrong or wasting their wasting, but other than that, I think this week in wrestling at the guys investment watching a lot of documentaries. Yeah, I've been doing cat vice land. I cannot show vice land. More vice land is giving there's one thing I have a problem with Iceland, that's their appealing the curtain to back. But that's not therefore, that's the can ask what we're allowed to do so company like that, too. I guess. That that was wasn't resumes. We owe. So all right. Guys, I have to say this is going to be these swoon soom of this evening, and make sure you check us out. All social media chicken on the lake group of Facebook. Check us out on Instagram at a tabloid as well as on Twitter at Terbil, and be sure. Check us out onto your sister tabloid on YouTube as well as on anchor and. Always always check us out on the podcast outlets. Or get to the budget of make sure you check us out on the passing out. Liz, I heart radio Spotify, I tunes, and where it a fuck you type in for fucking podcast cash. There fuck what hey Siri play turnbuckle tabloid Illwerke a Elliott just went off. They do it at all. What you call. They'll do it at on Alexa. They do it on Google play. Nice. Yeah. So make sure you look at their as well as I just mentioned t public for the merge. Yes. Line, not go and search for new bird. Boom, just we do we have sexy outfits, hopefully, we can get a ladies that young Rinke. Second. We've a brand new shirt and a coup gay monster shirt, you want it. You got it game off their merchandise. This week..

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