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How far back did this courting of bob johnson take place you understand what i'm saying back when bob johnson ended up getting this franchise how long did that courting take place and the reason i asked that i'll bet they had that going on for years before george even started trying to play his games say knew full well oh this is a win win frus george shinn takes his team somewhere else that makes money and then we give another franchise to bob johnson more money more money more money you can't lose can you lose when you have people who are so gullible and they're afraid of mut be a world class cd anymore you know that needs to go if world class city means that you subsidize a billionaire i mean this to me is a new level of idiocy it really is jim good morning but you remember back in oh wait no nine win the financial collapse certainly in my lifetime going on the price of gasoline and food the very basic commodities that everybody had to depend on poor people rich but primarily the poor they skyrocketed and i got to thinking here people are losing their jobs their houses they're i mean i've never seen anything like it i've read my parents grew up during the depression i've read about it but i've never seen anything like what was going on in no way and and what was happening and you never heard anybody on the big time press all the major news outlets talking about to me it's a hidden destruction of the lower income class this country you're absolutely right that's what's taking place and in many ways that's not really come back more of this economic discussion coming up this is the.

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