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He says he'll be ready to distribute presidents around the world on Christmas Eve. They have encouraged kids to remember to socially distance so they can enjoy the holiday safely. A second wreck on the four or five Sherman Oaks on the four or five south at the one No one here, and there's a wreck block in the left lane. Looks like a couple of cars were involved. There is some traffic stacking at victory for you. City of orange, just kind of a slow ride. If you're making your way south on the five, you're gonna find lots of company there between the Orange Crush interchange and about jamboree. Okay, if I and this guy is sponsored by injury, attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball has a look at the 7 10. They're doing a pretty good report coming up. You can relax and roll those shoulders around little bit, not a distance. In here. There was indeed an earlier problem. South bound seven tensions past landing. Fandy needs a rake tow trucks over to the shoulder. But the driver's good really started Valley Boulevard. The Begin in your end of the 7 10 freeway. Whichever way you go on all the way south through the five and all the way down to the one or five and 91. It's just plain good. So enjoy even know if that's a little stroll around the major interchanges, but not too bad. We're just starting out the Santa Monica Freeway right now. We're right over the East L a interchange. And boy for change is nice. Look straight down. See everybody moving. Not too bad Santa Fe off. Perhaps kind of busy as Fisher injured in an accident, visit Superwoman Super Lawyer Calm Jeff Bar. Okay, if I in the sky, Okay. If I and this guy helps get you there faster, I'm robbing banks. Major League Baseball owners reportedly want to delay the start of the next season until players could be vaccinated. But the players union wants to start on time and play. All 162 games later start would necessarily require.

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