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Billy doing Matthias not gonna sit on his hand. He did something as well. And that's a huge piece is gonna be interesting to see if it fits or not. Because you do have surge. But I I was really intrigued back assault on the Toronto. And whether that can lift him up to being the best team of the did the Lakers chances of landing Anthony Davis. Take a hit yesterday by Boston getting into the mix by them waiting till the off season. I think what takes a hit it. Now, there's more students. You know, you're giving the other teams more time to try to come up with something attractive? And keep in mind. Now, you know, you guys were talking about the draft what happened on trap lottery day. I think could have some impact on what happened to empty. Wow. You know, what if they're the team that interested that has the right? Together that get diabetic. You know, what I mean, perhaps trade that and keep in mind that the pelicans aren't going to do what's best for Hampton either. They're going to do what's best for them. And he still have another year on a deal another team. I like Boston take a chance even though the chance and to keep them pry with things limited time. But we also thought the saying for Paul George. We went to Oklahoma City, Mark. I love the Philly move of Marquel Foltz for Jonathan Simmons. They get a pick back forward as well. Jonathan Simmons came up in the San Antonio Spurs way of life, and he, you know, Brett Brown is that guys. Well, but the Tobias Harris Bobin mon- Ianovich move. It looks great. But asking a guy who was the number one option in LA and the number one option in Detroit to now be the number four option like we're living in a vacuum here where the the talent has all been thrown together. But now he may take away shots from Jimmy Butler. Do you? Think this'll this'll be a month or so before this thing gets home in the way, they think it will. The thing is interesting because when you make a trade. More often than that, man. It takes more than a season for everything to come together. The Sixers haven't figured out how to play with Jimmy, right? Not Tobias is in the kind of guy is it really really selfish guy think he'll fit into what they're doing. And I know van the way he's played scoring goes down. He's not gonna worry about it. But there's no training camp. You know? I mean, maybe they need to try to do devil days when they get back from all star something. The chemistry with that team is certainly a big question Mark on paper of the amazing. But it's gonna be a huge challenge for Brett Brown. Get everybody on the same page, and you know, perhaps they need to take a page out of like the Celtics the two thousand eight have a Kevin Garnett come in there and talk to him. Although I don't know what helps sections out and just let them know like look bad or page out of the voyeur. If we went everybody eats them. Draymond green commercial, right? Commercials for. Got commercials for this that like if you win everybody thinks, the don't worry about your personal thing. But that might be easier than Mark. Is there any scenario that could play out where LeBron James and the Lakers miss out of making the playoffs in the Western Conference? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, they had a great win yesterday a Boston. But I'm driving a Sacramento right now for Harrison Barnes press conference. I don't know how much you got paid dedicate. And there's been a lot of reason not to pay attention to the king is good team. But now, they're fun, man. And they're good and they're competitive and they're hungry. They're headed the Lakers. I believe right now, and they added Harrison Barnes, and they added Alec Burks already pretty good team. So, you know, the Lakers got LeBrun, and that certainly is something that. It's hard to match that. But pound for pound. I I actually think the kings team is better now. And it could be a fight to the end of the season. The you know. Which team is up making it into the into the playoffs. Utah better continue to step up and not fall back because right now, man, I'm really curious to see what this kings team doesn't the second half. What do you think of the bucks adding Nikola mirror teach? And where does that put them a monk contenders in east, obviously number one in the east right now? I I like it. I actually like the buck more than anybody right now. Because. With mayor tissues. Not a guy that you really have to change a lot for he's gonna be coming off the bench. Scoring specialist. Adds to their team Middleton's break. We know what Yana did Bledsoe is underrated. And they don't have as much pressure on him as other teams do. So I mean, if I had to put some money on it. I I like the bucks chances to represent the east right now what people say about the bulls. Nice. You know, living a cool city ovo winter. You know, what I like about Chicago stepped up more? Lady is in love with that cheese pot for people listening. Hi, it s update of you have that good to say don't say that at all, right? How much of they fumbled? This thing over the last few years. Not just not the after Derrick rose post, knee injuries and Jimmy Butler and Tom dibitetto. The Fred Hoiberg debacle Dwayne Wade regime Rondo being brought in to become more young and half. Let it like how many innovations are are people going to get to laugh at as far as the bulls are concerned being the butt of the joke of the NBA. I do like the young talent. I do but not a patient. Steady bad. You know, it's like New York. It's like LA, you know, you just looking at this. And but you guys still got what twenty thousand Sikh waiting list there too? Out. They're still selling out. Yeah. At some point, man. I I wouldn't be. I mean, I'm a little surprised there hasn't been any like front office changes as of yet. I do like the young talent. But how patient is Chicago Bombay? It's been really haven't been forced to be really patient. Layton, really disappointed. So, but you know, the ownership there definitely seems to be pretty loyal. So I expect the same crew to be going forward. Mark. When we look at John Paxson the job he's done with the Chicago Bulls. He was on this station back in December. I won't play something for you real quickly. He said this, and I want to ask you about it. After the fact, I'm not a salesman. I'm not going to get out there and try to convince you of something if that's the guy running your organization in your out there trying to convince people to come to your team. But he's out there saying that he's not salesman. Like how how do the bulls fix this going forward? If you're only going to try and build through the draft. Well, it might be indicative at a roster. Could you don't want to sell something that you can't sell right? Like what free agents running there? Now. Thank the Jabbar thing with curious. But I think there's fingers appoint both ways. On that it still, but you still have that Chicago car the wave that market the way that history to wave. There's always gonna be somebody that says to say what they say about New York the same way, they say about LA, they got some good young talent there, maybe if we can partner together. What what was the last significant agent in their prime that they've been able to sign it's been a while. I'm not I'm not counting weight and that so yeah, it's. I understand your concern. What do you think? Kevin Durant going to have to do not only with the questions and all the other things. But are we going to see a different version of Kevin Durant in terms of how he interacts with the media going forward? Or is there always going to be that that touchstone that sensitive reaction over that emotional reaction to to a guy who you know, he's been asked the same questions over and over because he's one of the kings of the NBA and he put the NBA on his head when he made his decision. And now he has another this decision to make his it's just one of the hazards of the industry that he's going to have to understand or is he well within his rights to react this way. Both like being out here man since media day. I'm not gonna pointing fingers at any media outlets. That's been their number one objective is Dr him about free agency thing that's kind of laughable to me. While it is a big story. Like, how does he know what he's gonna do? You know, what I mean like, how do you? How can you make a decision right now? And like I went on a radio here last Saturday in the first question is where do you think Joanna's is leaving leading? I like he got five must've make it. I think you have to be in the bay area to understand it. But the local media here and the radio are upset with what's next with Kevin Durant. And I think it's kinda got at nauseam for him because he has talked about it. But you know, they've been these teammates. Constantly asked about it starts about locally every day and people got spends on why he's leaving and he can't control it. And I think that's where it's frustrating. Is it can't really control the narrative that he's leaning or leaving. Or I don't think he knows what he's going do that. After what happened occur bloody certainly Anna's right to make his own decision and pick wherever he wants to go in his time. But. I think the best thing for cabinet do just say, look, I'm not talking about it, y'all. Call me, July, and we can talk about it then. And then I can take a lot of stress autumn instead of entertaining. What everybody's saying and everybody that. So where do you think Durant going? I think he's going. Nice. How long have play is this for LeBron? Like, I we were talking about it in the last segment about what this means for this year. But I look if this is a four year play this is just the first year of it. The guy in have to really care about regular season games or what you feel as a young player on the on the rise. He's about championships. And he knows he's going to be judged on that accordingly. How long is happening here. Chevy judiciary. What I'm saying? That's part of the long plane. I don't think. Remember, the Fisher say, Pittsburgh. Yes. Dr J that's kind of team. He got right now, man, you're gonna need a miracle to get them to win. Wiley? He's gotta be extremely disappointed. This season the first season that we saw chink in his armor as far as the injury saw that. Okay. The clock is ticking. These four years I'm going to go away faster kinda like when you go to high school. You think it's going to be a long time. And like the next thing, you know, you're graduating the Lakers have to make do quickly to help them. Not only when a championship at least make the playoffs. It if the Anthony Davis thing isn't gonna work out. The gotta do something else. You know, like you put too many of their chips in that that world, you know, maybe they could have got Tobias Harris. What if they could have got a guy that's at the end of their contract that could have helped him this season. At least been a rental. I think that the Lakers made a mistake by not doing something. Yes. To help their fight for the rest of the season. Because this season's basically gonna be away. Do you think there's a chance that the Anthony Davis thing doesn't work out? Mean? But and they're or they're the chance that it's only two years. Right..

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