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Of the three right lane Looks like it's closed between Patent Avenue and Vargas until about six o'clock this morning. But for the most part, not a whole lot of action going on in the rest of major roadways. It's gonna lose your news radio Caleb EJ Radar Weather Watch could bump into some pants he found this morning. Otherwise partly sunny, mild today, the high 72 from the Weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This segment Bravo six this news abroad to buy Tripoli countertops and topping Austin's news governor, Greg Abbott this week has sent a strong message to Austin about public safety from the issue of de funding. Police fill their duty to keep the residents safe. Or lose access to all of their tax revenue to the years long issue of homelessness and the more recent issue of camp sites around the city that will be addressed this session. It will include a ban on captain says they're key concerns that he won a lot of fester any longer. Abbott says He'll continue to keep up the pressure on lawmakers to make it physically impossible for Austin or any Texas City for that matter to cut funding to police. And as for the ban on camping, he says, that wouldn't just be for Austin, but rather every city across the state of Texas. Boston's mayor says the homeless policies enacted by his city Council have not been working. Marry Steve Adler tells Caixa and what the city has been doing is not good enough. The city had repealed the local camping ban and press forward on re housing those living on the street but says it's just not working the way it should. However, he isn't endorsing bringing back the camping ban going back to where we were before where we were just hiding. People that were experiencing homelessness and the numbers are growing exponentially is absolutely the wrong solution. It is It's inhumane, he says. The city needs to do a better job on re housing transparency and establishing benchmarks. John Cooley News radio K O B. J lot of activist groups strongly opposed the effort to roll back public camping in Austin, a local nonprofit save Austin now this week did submit more than 24 what it believes to be more than 24,000 valid signatures to get the issue on the ballot and give voters an opportunity to decide whether they want to roll back the camping band this year. Meantime, there's a new coalition called Austin is safer. It's collecting signatures to protect the current ordinance and keep public camping in place, as well as garner more support for things like police de funding. Some Austin City Council members don't believe that the public support is necessarily there for the full funding of a police department. Great, bizarre, tell CBS Austin The public doesn't really want that. And he says the governor doesn't know the first thing about what Austin needs. Governor is continuing to do political theater and talk about Austin, trying to beat up Austin to win political points. What we're trying to focus on civil rights and public. So, he says, the city is answered the call of thousands of people who do want police funds reallocate it elsewhere. To prevent things like Officer involved shootings, You may have noticed a new fencing popping up around police headquarters in downtown Austin. The department says. It's part of security upgrades that started months ago and not directly in direct response to any protest. Officials say the fencing will help keep a PD employee safer. Past 24 hours have shown some more signs of promise for Travis County's coronavirus numbers. 589 People are hospitalized today, and that's a drop of 25 167 people are now in the ICU. The number had been holding fairly steady this week in the mid one eighties. Active cases have increased by six after 5900 and 20 overall since back in March of last year, 63,751 cases found with 57,208 recoveries. The Austin school district has kept its campus is closed the past couple of weeks. But Superintendent Stephanie Ella's all day says campuses will be reopened for students on Monday. Although parents can still keep their kids home to learn virtually since closing campuses, I was all day says the positivity rate of testing has plunged in the district by more than 40%. Employees of the E in school district has started getting their Corona virus vaccines, Superintendent Tom Leonard tells Fox seven. It's not just teachers, but also bus drivers and custodians or of anyone else who keeps the district operating. Obviously, it's just the first dose and they've only had it a couple days on at the situation, but I think they see the light at the end of the tunnel more than 10% of Ian's employees have now gotten their first dose. Now that it's a state vaccination hub Bass Drop County believes it can achieve a bear a very big feet, vaccinate everyone in the county and the next month and a half. County Judge Paul Poppy Poppy says the swift vaccination of all residents is the quickest way to save lives. Pre registration can now be done online or by phone. And I see you. Bed capacity has grown just a bit Williamson County, which is reporting 10% of its ICU beds now available. That's up from 8% yesterday. 2177 cases active out of 28,384 confirmed and 26,227 recoveries. It is a bit foggy out there. So do be careful of your head now. Right now. 57 degrees in round rock. I'm Patrick Osborne. Get Austin News on demand and news. Radio K l b J Com Hey, this is don, and you're listening to the best of town and don Right now, now we're gonna be live at 5 30 So you don't go anywhere.

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