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Including two Americans five people wounded in this attack Steve K. fence CBS news the impact in Texas good morning at seven oh five seven of fifty five degrees headed to a high near sixty I'm G. R. Colby this is the KRLD Sunday morning news the corona virus is having an impact in sixteen of the state's two hundred fifty four counties here released Charlie Hodges joins us live numbers Charlie can care according to the Texas department state health services Harris County where Houston is as the largest number of cases with ten fort bend county south east of Harris County has not apartment southwest of Harris County has nine Montgomery County just north of Harris County has three now police officer from the town of Patton village is in critical condition there it's been a conscious now for two days suffering from the virus Dallas County has eight cases Collin county five Tarrant county has three now most of the other ten counties have on this list of sixteen have only one or two cases bear county around San Antonio one Travis county Austin one in all there are fifty one cases in Texas by the way el Paso county has one there are no reported deaths fifty one cases in Texas reporting live Charlie Hodges news radio ten eighty KRLD thank you Charlie Kiraly takes an in depth look at the coronavirus situation in North Texas and across the state you can download it wherever you get your podcasts or go to kale realty dot com click on the podcast page and check back with news radio ten eighty KRLD for updates throughout the day we have all the information.

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