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So I was really glad to see that he panned out I hope some of the listeners took my advice and started. Yeah. It's nice to see the Cleveland offense actually run well and what it can be I mean Odell looked good Chubb Hunt Baker actually like service quarterback it's fun to watch you know tends to ski is a unique offense i. wish the Minnesota Vikings would have a guy like that on their coaching staff speaking up that. He bengals and Cleveland Browns game we didn't give them a shout out in the quarterback part, but we should have Joe Borough Tyler you started on the Listener League I did primetime game against the browns going to take advantage against the browns I'm proud of you. I. Did not think that was a good start and he absolutely hammered Daniel. Jones, yeah you made the right choice Sir I would. Not have have started borough props to you on that one moving onto the wide receivers. Kelvin Ridley finished as the number two overall wide receiver in week one, and now he finished as the number one wide receiver overall in week two through two weeks, sixteen receptions, two, hundred, thirty, nine yards or touchdowns on twenty two targets. Obviously, he cannot keep this pace, but we were talking about them in our. Bowl takes we thought it was possible that he could finish his a top three wide receiver this year, and it is looking like that is very realistic right now. Yeah. We were all super high 'em all preseason. It's GonNa be interesting to see how he handles the top corners handles doubles. That's my biggest question because he's never faced Yup they're gonNa Start Mixing and matching those double teams and. Hope that they can catch the Falcons Kinda napping on which one they're actually going to double. But Yeah Kelvin Ridley you know is one of the season takes is that they both could be a wide receiver one and they have been so far. I mean Julio's week to performance with his injury. You have to keep an eye on that, but they've been everything you could ask for up to this. Point we might have had the wrong wide receiver in there might be ready gauge finishing wide receiver ones. It is possible. I've seen a lot of different takes on twitter that if Julio Jones is out with an injury, it's going to actually really really help Calvin Ridley. No I actually disagree with that sounds like you guys do you oil Julio has to be there if it was out the Biggest benefactor to that would be heaton hearst in my opinion. Yeah. I would agree with that really might get two or three extra targets, but he's also going to be double covered and I would much rather have two or three fewer targets with Julio Jones on the other side of the field taking away their top cornerbacks attention. So yeah, WE WANNA. Keep that offense as healthy as possible for all. You Calvin Ridley owners out there the next wide receiver that finished number two. This Week Stefan digs. Here's another guy. We probably own apology to because we were not very high on Stefan digs coming into the season mainly because we weren't very high on Josh allens throwing ability Yup never questioned your talents to find just questioned the quarterback. He is fitting in nicely back to back eight reception games he. Has the exact same stat lines.

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