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Medical Center in Westchester hospital for receiving high honors from US news and World Report Jason a hard on newsradio seven hundred WLW herself for a nice day ninety two for the high end sun not bad tonight no problems with weather sixty nine for the lower tomorrow some clouds increases the afternoon rolls on but not a bad day at all eighty eight for the high tomorrow we are currently at sixty six six deviation report with Jay Ratliff runs you by the greater Cincinnati northern Kentucky International Airport seven hundred W. L. W. so Jay Ratliff who is your favorite Batman Michael Keaton is made he was a good he's going he did it I because I I was not at my I was not expecting that little Christian bale I I got a sale I like him yeah Adam west of course the original the original very good I was hoping you'd say yeah I I have always have to go back to the you know the the first James Bond this the first that the Adam west would probably get the nod yeah Adam had a pot belly but he didn't Kerry put the suit on anyway right yeah I don't think that's right exactly exactly as a matter of fact I dress up like that at home I want to get people to you my friend just the cops us of what we say this because of the spirit airline apparently a bad cut lose between Charlotte and New York what happened yeah early morning flight charlatan organic was six PM departure your plane takes off why in the in the final thirty five thousand people also this bad appears out of nowhere search clients throughout the cabin making it yeah bat mobile that spirit airlines flight so that was basically captured eventually placed in one of the laboratories for the rest of the flight to flight arrived in New York and then they will control experts came on in in safely removed the stow away and and yeah back to the people were taking video of it you're screaming and laughing at the same time and thanks for granting check that out of our aviation blog this morning that's made possible as always but the greater Cincinnati northern Kentucky International Airport now the lowest fares in the region this is a good one Sarasota round trip ninety six dollars you can find that more great deals at CVG airport that calm probably got into that plane like overnight when they were the crews were cleaning it you leave the the doors open thank you yeah and it happens in occasionally a bird or something to get on there but you know most of the time we find the birds then we get him off there but yet we've had squirrels Colin and actually get into the console of the cockpit thanks for the crew did not was there until they were in flight heard this little whatever up there too quickly landed airplane for the little guy no all through something important yikes yikes all right it looks like a great day here what does it look like around the country minimal delays today can Minneapolis could give us some delays of thirty minutes or so but not till later in the day can be good day to fly in for a busy so on Monday and record summer travel season how will take it yes you will J's blog the best in the business thank you Jay have a great Monday and now as we count down to the bangles first exhibition game of twenty nineteen here are Tony and mole on Bengals football.

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