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Congress would have to start all over again she and for the second year in a row the Oscars will go again without a host this was the direction the show chose after the firing of Kevin Hart last year after controversial tweets surface and he was accused of homophobia the Oscars will air this year on ABC on February ninth coming up Saturday Night Live saying farewell to a multi talented funny man details straight ahead here WBZ newsradio stay with us about your ride right now it is five thirty three traffic and weather together starting with this Super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic in the threes Laurie good morning anything going on good morning to you Tina so far so good out there and nice light ride for this time of the morning Tobin bridge is moving well through the city square titled lower deck of ninety three heavier volume but it's moving along just fine getting over the sake Umbridge that lever connector down rap is filling it especially in the far left hand lane as you get around the garden curve there at the store drive airport tunnels are fine eastbound bass by trouble free so far between graft in a Boston woman heavier though north of town ninety three southbound one ten with the with the desperate again one twenty eight to ma bell Avenue so far so good on route one just starting to pick up some volume through saw this but no major trouble force there every three is seen more company but looking good so far between Chelmsford and Burlington north expressway well starting to get heavy from granite Avenue to Columbia road but still about a ten minute ride heading into the city Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on three plenty of sunshine on the way today but a bitter wind this morning feels like the single digits high of thirty two today mostly cloudy tonight heading down to twenty five makes of sunshine.

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