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The fort McHenry tunnel I'm Chuck would occur with traffic and weather on the threes I'll talk radio six eighty WCVB at plenty of sun today but a light breeze out of the north will keep characters below average with a high near forty overnight a few clouds will go through with a low twenty three for dry weather for the weekend a high on Saturday will also approach forty under a partly cloudy skies the plenty of sunshine Sunday with high climbing into the low fifties I'm Jeff mark from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS right a Russian town has twenty three degrees Annapolis twenty eight degrees of downtown Baltimore currently it's twenty eight degrees now you're up to date on talk radio six eighty W. CVM with the morning from for Casey another I'm Deidre Fulton and this is the fox business report expect stocks on Wall Street to look at two games from yesterday when the Dow was up one thirty seven nasdaq up fifty nine and S. and P. fourteen it was lift off a short while ago from Cape Canaveral Florida for Boeing's new starliner capsules NASA and Boeing are conducting a test flight of a capsule that could one day carry astronauts to the international space station it's considered a critical dress rehearsal the starliner carried Christmas tree and presents for the six space station residents hundreds of free seats much like this through to the moon on Apollo fourteen an American named Rosie and the commander C. named after the bi flex flexing riveter of World War two and Tesla shares are rallying optimism how many cars will pull out of its new factory in China that's your fox business report I'm billion will invested in you guys waking up over and over to P. is not okay you can reduce those nighttime bathroom trips with the ingredients in super beta prostate P. three advanced you can try a full thirty day bottle free just pay shipping and handling no strings attached no obligations and no commitments to buy call one eight hundred four two four seven one two five one eight hundred four two four seven one two five one eight hundred four two four seven one two five the ultimate exchange thank you the latest headlines in the top ten thirty minutes talk radio sixteen W. C. B. thirty six twenty four minutes now before they are nine o'clock on the morning drive with Casey and Elliot it's the holiday season and of course Holy Week next week Christmas courses Wednesday blood for Jewish friends and listeners Hanukkah is I believe Sunday night begins on the night and we've got the choir from Beth el a local synagogue on here in Baltimore and.

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