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A Swiss company helping make your job easier by getting your IT department to work more efficiently is moving its headquarters to a larger space in Boston next thinks general manager Mary Beth Salo says she explains what happens when systems at work go down. Were they make that call KAI? T would our software actually enables IT to do is identify that even before it even happens in resolve that the company should be comfortable in the new digs. It has seen explosive growth recently. The new space has plenty of room to expand popular Massachusetts beer, maker treehouse brewing is getting into farming in a blog post. The company says it has purchased a one hundred acre working farm in. Connect to Connecticut reported price tag of one point six million dollars. They're not saying much about the exact location or really nothing at all. But it is reportedly located in Woodstock Connecticut, the Charleston based brewery will use the farm partly to grow several fruits that it uses alternately in its fermentation process. They're calling it a move to bring community based healthcare to Quincy south shore health and Brigham health say they'll share a two hundred thousand square foot building in Quincy center, mayor Thomas coke. Says it's a big part of the redevelopment in that area. Also going to be a hotel in a residential building. So it's a total about four hundred fifty thousand square feet, which is a good chocolate. The coke says the work in Quincy center is about twenty five percent along from where they started. But he says the next two or three years will bring a lot of positive change to the area. It's a struggle in the early going on Wall Street the morning, the Dow this morning, the Dow.

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