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Or the Williamsburg bridge is both of them move nicely in either direction. I'm the Falco our next report at ten twenty one on ten ten wins wins news time ten twelve now the ten ten wins AccuWeather four day forecast. Here's Carl babinski. All on this Tuesday night, still a bit of rain occurring in bid town as the top of the hour. Sixty seven degrees if the touch of rain, certainly, though, ten ten wins Doppler radar showing that soaking we had to deal with earlier has it moved on drifting to the south and east. There'll be a spotty shower overnight in it'll be humid. Lows will be in the mid upper sixties in fact, we're very close to our low. Now. Our temperatures will hold nearly steady humid tomorrow with a shower and thunderstorm around, especially during the afternoon and evening, high seventy six don't think activity will be as widespread as it was earlier today. Tomorrow night, the low sixty seven showers and gusty thunderstorms are expected third. Then this round could produce some heavy rainfall especially during the afternoon and evening. All this will culminate Friday morning with a leftover shower. Dan, that'll become less humid as clouds break for some sun late late week is will be in the upper seventies. And it looks nice this coming weekend right now, though, it light rain at sixty seven relative, humidity, Ninety-seven percent, the wind light in north. Easterly rain, sixty seven are holding nearly steady Almac you with a meteorologist curb of Inskeep on New York's weather station, and ten wins wins news time, ten thirteen. Do you want another truck or a truck like no other? About deals on that truck during ram truck month. A truck with an available Hemi v eight and e tour technology you ever heard of that short for enhanced performance and efficiency, and it makes for best in class. Vetoing. Do you wanna truck with an available touchscreen.

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