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Tied at one L A needs a wind even the series at two games apiece. Giants owner John Mayer at the owners meetings today at some very direct words for Odell Beckham junior. He said, I think he needs to do a little more plane and a little less talking wins tonight for the devils and the Rangers the Rangers. Now two and four after they outlast the avalanche and a shootout three two two mats zuccarello and Kevin shattenkirk at shootout shattenkirk, the decisive goal and voice. Thirty one saves Chris Kreider and Kevin Hayes had the regulation goals in the devils or foreign oh to begin their season. They shut out Dallas tonight free. Nothing Keith Kincaid is second shutout of the early season. May twenty four saves tonight. Though the goal for Kyle Paul Mary his seventh of the season play Coleman and Johnson Bashan de also sports for New Jersey. Knick's over the season tomorrow at home against the hawks. The nets open the season tomorrow, Detroit and the nets already down a starting player for Demari. Carol underwent ankle surgery today. He's out indefinitely. This report is brought to you by Paul Kante Cadillac. One mile west of the metal brook on sunrise highway in freeport, WFAN twenty twenty sports one o'clock tomorrow CNBC on the fan were previewing the NBA season with the Knicks and the nets it all starts tomorrow night for them. And. Eli manning with the giants we get into it all beginning at one sports radio one zero one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York. Heroin makes promises, but all it really.

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