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Of the inmate because i also think and now you lose fierce place a school or work and now we have to move you and everything you have to start all over again if feel for the guide you appear to put a lot of yourself into your work you care a lot about the inmates yeah but also care about the system i don't want to release a guy who an idiot or an animal and this more governor on initials and created a haven for rehabilitation on an island off the norwegian coast where the rate of reoffenders is just sixteen percent i think if it wasn't a briton the norwegian government convention of 400 you can go fishing there is a big bench you can sit and watch this ships and it's a beautiful place to say it's always quiet it's called bashtawi and the entire island is one community where a hundred and fifty inmates all work and live together now of course island prisons and nothing new but this item prison is very different even though inmates of free to swim in the surrounding sea this only ever be one attempted escape in its 35year history catherine traveled to the island to me one of those in charge of bashed our growth told me to vote on the prison governor we want to give a remits smut share responsibility as possible shop is written by inmates the inmates all other league the after by shop and prepare for themselves in a different kind of houses referring are to create good neighbors but a good neighbour also is a person parts of knowledge about local democracy so these are going to be created book called on island council to decide upon matters that are important for mates us and one of the tasks every year is how to use the surplus from the shop to hear the surplus from the swap goes back to de mix the result this that's we have no shoplifting here they are paid every week but once a month because of quite normal immune which in society and in order to have enough money for all the food they eat the need to corporate with all the john of applicants yes we do there a waiting list for a three or four months heavy had any violent that since yet and they'll look for thirty years and in prisons like held in industrial social workers are employed to help inmates planned for.

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