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Of the Jew. In the meticulous math, mathematical mind of a Chink, the creativity that these people have when it comes to just saying the most hateful and disgusting things about. Race and gender is it's just a strange thing to know that I exist that. My family exists that we have what I think of as a very beautiful mixed family with you know different heritage's and that is something that I've always been. Crowd, of because I love my family and I love our story in the fact that my parents got together at a time when interracial marriage was not that common in that you know my grandparents became friends and you know there's all this. Stuff that to me is very beautiful about my family, and so to have that be twisted into something that is so disgusting, ugly to other people to have that part of me be. The subject of somebody's disgust, not anything that I've done as an actual. You know actor as an agent. Things that I've done in my life, you know it's just difficult to kind of be face to face with that just kind of base discussed with my own existence. I mean of me wants to say to you. Don't listen to a word of there S. Beautiful Image of of your family life as well. The vast vast vast majority of the people in the world would say, and these are disgusting people on the extreme on the other hand. You know I've never even one hundred of what you're describing and I've sat in my lounge and cried my eyes out literally about streams of Abuse Online, it is very very difficult for you to deal with and it must. Must have been incredibly scary as well. It's I. Mean this is. This is just something that I'm continuing to kind of deal. With as a reporter I used to report on police I used to report on protests and I would go out, and and the threat that I would be aware of something that was physical, and that was one kind of threat, and this other type of threat has just been. it's it's. It's just difficult to to deal with, because it is predominantly just demento thing right like they. This is a tactic to get people to stop reporting on them. It's a tactic to get people to stop trying to stop them from gaining more supporters. They stream of. Came to you through all sorts of different platforms, but it began because of your reporting on how some of these grapes were not being banned. From facebook. Did you go to facebook. Did you tell them? The group's still operating on their site targeting Eli this? It's interesting because with other platforms there have been instances where staff have noticed a harassment campaign and have actually reached out proactively. Facebook has never done that with me. I don't really want or need facebook to to deal with my personal situation, so I'm not sure what I would even want facebook to do what I mean besides what these articles are about. which is that I want facebook to actually enforce its policies against white nationalism on its platform. Want facebook to stop providing its tools to hateful extremists, and even if he didn't go to them on a personal level, you have been gained to them about. What you found in November. They acted in one case, but not others. Did anything further happened beyond that no. I mean no, so even just in the in the past couple of months and knew explicitly violent far right. Arose on facebook called the Blue Group and despite being alerted over and over again throughout this spring, facebook did nothing until after there had been multiple. Criminal violent acts linked to the group and again facebook finally took action on those groups, but only after somebody had died. COMING UP! The pressure mounts on facebook as a campaign to stop hate for profit is noticed by the world's biggest appetizers. Since you and of as become hiding, pressure onto facebook about some of these graves, a lot has happened to the social media giant. We've of course had pandemic The black lives matter protests that began in the wake of George Floyd's death. FACEBOOK didn't add against Donald Trump's post. The one where he wrote wants the looting starts shooting stars and. That became a flashpoint around failure by the platform to tackle hate at one point mess. Staff staged virtual walkout. We covered this period where it all UK technology editor Alex, hearn! But really it feels like the turning point for facebook. Seems to have come when appetizer started to pull out. Tell me how that took shape. The controversy over the the looting shooting threat that trump posted. It seems that that helped to coalesce This coalition of organizations that came together to say all right enough is enough we need to. We need to go after facebook's bottom line, groups, color, change and NWC, EP the anti-defamation League. Some other organizations came together. They called this boycott. And they were asking advertisers to stop running ads on facebook platform for the month of July, it started to gather steam. It was getting a lot of support from the outdoors industry, and then it was a Friday, just at the end of June was kind of first thing in the morning on that Friday Unilever, which is one of the largest consumer brands kind of holding companies in the world and and I think one of. Of the largest advertisers in the world they announced that they were pulling all their advertisements from facebook, instagram and twitter, and not just for a month, but actually for six months so shortly after that announcement, you know all of the reporters on the facebook. beat got an email from facebook. Saying just wanted to let you know that. Literally in twelve minutes from now mark, Zuckerberg will be going live on facebook with an update Twelve minute won't. AMMO I did I. I was like wow. Much notice. This doesn't seem just doesn't seem like. It was hastily thrown together in any way. I know I've got this kind of an image in my mind. Just panicking. FACEBOOK's will I assume are incredibly shiny headquarters in Silicon Valley running around. Yeah, believer of God. What can we do so so can? You must have sat down at your computer. I'm watched what happened? Sadly I think that probably the the mental images that everybody was running around in their own homes, because we're so under lockdown here Mark Zuckerberg appeared on this video stream he. I have to be honest. I mean he's not. He's not comfortable public speaker, but he seemed particularly uncomfortable and kind of on the defensive. We determine the content may lead to violence or deprive people of their right to vote. We're GONNA take that content down. Who says it or Anada cropped? He announced some very league minor tweaks to some face, but policies which seemed they seemed. To appease certain criticisms, but they were quite narrow. It didn't really work. You know I think it was just a few hours after a Coburg appearance that coca-cola another massive advertiser of course also pulled out and joined the boycott a.

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