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Money when you're not Capital One what's in your wallet to Capital One dot com for details limitations apply Michael he won a one point five instant weather low humidity making for a pretty perfect summer afternoon here across New Jersey highs mostly in the lower to mid eighties it's cool or the beaches in the seventies clouds will build them but we are going to stay dry and storm free for a change partly cloudy and comfortable tonight lows in the mid to upper sixties and then tomorrow we're getting warmer and noticeably more humid again hi supper eighties to around ninety a bit breezy that'll keep the hot air moving around in addition a round of thunderstorms are possible tomorrow late afternoon through the evening time Wednesday mix of sun and clouds definitely steamy with a high around ninety a chance for an isolated thunderstorm on Wednesday to from the Edison heating and cooling weather desk I'm chief meteorologist stands RO in union beach it's eighty two Toms River eighty one Monroe eighty three fast traffic and instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one one point five New Jersey weather made possible by Trinity rehab with new locations opening throughout New Jersey there's one near you call them today no prescription needed to get started eight hundred five one eight oh nine seven seven that's eight hundred five one eight oh nine seven seven or visit twenty dash rehab dot com it's time to be pain free and feel better once and for all during the Jersey one one point five big Joe Henry Wednesday night at seven on the boardwalk in seaside heights for the big Joe variety show this week features musical guest remember Jones comedian Garrett Elena and twenty eighteen big Joe talent show winner eva rose Dresden visit the events page at NJ one one five dot com for more information is two twenty three on a Monday afternoon there's a story about considered one of new Jersey's best known and oldest diners in east Newark and about how it's going to be refurbished going to take on a whole new look outdoor seating that's the part that that's where I said.

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