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Bargain hunters were out today and sent indexes hired Al Rose 140. NASDAQ Up 1 85 Wins needs Time for traffic and transit Here's Greg Rice. Well, Laurie, we've got double trouble in a Brooklyn eastbound side of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway getting up towards the area of the Brooklyn Bridge. We are still looking at this broken down truck. It has the Middle Lane knockout, and it has you at a standstill all the way to the inbound. Go Want us in Seventh Avenue the other way. It is the westbound side of the B Q. E coming down towards the area of Hamilton Avenue. That is a crash knocking out the middle lane is just about gone, but the brake lights going to be there for a while all the way on back towards the area. Of Queens Boulevard. How about the belt Parkway? You ask, and we pepper you with MME or bad newsies bound, bunched up from before the Verizon O all the way on out towards the area of her skin Street with westbound side is slammed from Rockaway Parkway all the way back past Flatbush Avenue and roots and NAP Street. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. City bound side of the George could go to the upper and lower Nothing comes easy. Getting out of town. The Lincoln Tunnel's about 10 and Outbound side of Lincoln 30 to 40 minutes than the outbound helix and westbound for 95 viaduct slow over the long term work near one in nine. Holland is about 10 minutes in out that Holland's over an hour and then back in Jersey outbound Skyway slammed over a one in nine with the breakdown. The westbound Newark Bay extension. You get a much better ride for your money. Traffic is spawned or next. That's next go around. I'm Greg Rice or next reported 4 51 on 10. 10 wins the number of Corona virus deaths in the United States has now surpassed.

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