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For our podcast channel. We've got a lot of stuff that is already hit the airwaves. Whether it's on our show. Orange the new black with zim and talk with matt mimic and much more to come including this episode deep dive show of the orange. Black insider mangoes. Podcast i. anthony descends a happy to have all of you bengals fans joining us whether it's live or after the live recording Recording on your favorite audio streamer. And i'm joined by one of the busiest guys is in the biz. John sharon multiple podcast host since he jungle head guy. What's going on buddy doing good man. You're right though. It's been a week for the site in the channel. If you guys haven't already checked it out. Our boys as zim interviewed none other wooden spain. Yesterday's definitely check out. You had a lotta great insight as well but honestly men kind of riding a high right now because the the nfl knows me. They knows who. I am apparently because they just released a bunch of merchandise with my name on it. I guess this guy. I don't know who's edged here is but he's doing like some performance and they're putting his name on like all his merchandise but obviously like i'm like the nfl I feel like this is like a to me. And i did. I did end up getting hat though. And i will get ahead where i will. Weird are will wear the next time we go on. That's awesome that's awesome. We've we've had a really really busy past couple of weeks on the show. We're really proud of. What are you know what our little show is done. And then of course the great stuff that as him matt we had a fund roundtable last week we've had and we've been were looks like we're joined by him in the live chat here jake of locked on bengals. We are pleased to be joined by him. And james repeat a couple of fridays ago for another fund roundtable. We've got a special interview hitting tomorrow. We had a special one about a week and a half ago with devon leah. Still we've got a lot of fun stuff going on and hopefully enjoyed it as we gear up for the bengals hosting the vikings in week one. It's a big game. We're going to preview that one at the end of the show. We've got a believe it or not segment with a couple of topics that we want to talk. About as it pertains to the cincinnati bengals and instead of a week by week or headline type of approach with this when we're gonna do a little bit of a full season scope type of type of look at it and of course we're gonna maybe get to a little bit of news to to start the start the show off and what else am i missing here we got. We've got the positional preview. The offensive tackles. We have yet to to talk about them. The last remaining we time that so well. The last remaining position to talk about is right before go on. So we've got a lot to get to and Let's hop to it. I guess if we want to get to some news. John the biggest and we talked about it here but it has been confirmed as of early this week. I believe it was on labor day. Actually drains is out. He will not play on sunday against the vikings a bummer on multiple levels. Because not only is he one of his not their top. Cornerback depending on your feelings on jacoby leuze. But he didn't get to go up against his old team and that's kind of a bummer too. So trains out. Eli apple and we had a little chat about eli apple last week. But now it's official. How you feel about that. It was just a matter of how many games beyond this game is. Trey winds won miss. And there's obviously the vikings factor into the potential revenge game. That's been now what eighteen months or so in the making and it's been at least eighteen months since trae wayne's has played in actual football game so unfortunate but you know we talked about the implications of that against an offense quarterbacked by kirk cousins but also features running back donald cook. We don't really know how. Vikings are going to attack this defense. We just know that they're going to attack it with. Eli apple one. The cornerback spots and he's going up against either really good young receiver injustice jefferson or really good veteran receiver. In feeling. so long. Your butts. I guess yeah and our esteemed leader over its cincy jungle. Jason markham Talks part of it is about the the pay the pay lip sorry the the cap hit the bengals would take if they cut him last year already. Having that discussion. I guess to some degree. I'm not there yet. i kinda wanna see. There's a reason why you know They've got him on the act. Rosser not an ira situation or anything like that. So this obviously doesn't seem to be something that's going to be super long term. At least we say that now. No the cincinnati bengals in their medical staff at times. But we say that now. So i still think there is a good chance at redemption And obviously he brings a lot of things to the team that they like. It's just hagen field man you gotta on the field you gotta contribute and you got to start doing that but he has an opportunity. I think we're probably looking at week. Two three four. Maybe that he back john But we will we will see Not great news though for the cincinnati bengals in their defense. Although for the most part aside from khalid korean josephus i white huber. Trae wayne's. They're they're they're relatively healthy going into this season as as opposed to previous years. I mean we're just knocking on trae wayne's because he makes a lot of money supposed to start these on healthy blood honestly compared to years past like in even last year where they didn't play preseason game they played three preseason games. they're more healthier now compared to where they usually are twenty one of the starters. You want to play this game so honestly if you're bengals fan and you know that. The franchises snake bit with very crucial injuries. It's not so bad entering week. one. I don't even wanna go here necessarily but i just always in the back of my mind. These past couple of years have been some of the most exciting in terms of free agency for the cincinnati bengals especially outside free agents. That they have netted. And i just hope that this type of situation with trae wayne's doesn't cause them in years in the future to to pull back on that because They they need to be active as they have. Been the past couple of years in free agency. We'll see another discussion for another time. The injury report did come out john. This is on Since jungled dot com. I'm going to pop this up on the screen. Really though again the the only player that did not participate..

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