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Almost like a maury povich moment where we get to tell you whether you are in fact the father of americans jalen since the inspiration the official originator of all of the many many jalen so we have reached the bottom of the rabbit hole. We have left no stone unturned. We have the results. Are you ready. Cut that that that yes. I'm ready jalen rose. We have interviewed in total thirty five. Different jalen it's over a period of weeks and some of their parents also by the way to ask where they got their name and a number of them very unequivocally definitively know that they were named after you specifically and i wanna play tape for you i from someone named jalen. Noble jalen noble was a cast member on the reality show. Love islet state. Michigan game was on and didn't know who to root for He was eleven years old and my dad was watching the game. I sat down next to him and started watching. My dad kinda looked over me. Said you know you're named after somebody that michigan right. I said who and you said. Jalen rose jalen noble jalen rose. You should know this too. He was the bad boy online violence and he said that it was the most meaningful interview. He's ever done even more so than being on love eyelid. So how does that sort of an anecdote. Jalen from jaylen noble. How does that fit with stories that you've heard over the years it fits and really from.

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