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For only $69. Michael and son. Probably good weather all the gates and when it breaks, good morning to rich hunter with this in the double DOP traffic center. Hi, good morning, dean, another busy night on I 66 in Virginia first between sudley road and 29 Centreville single right link gets you by the work zone. Then as you approach and pass route 50 fairfax single far right past the work there as well, and then east found that your approach in past monthly street two right lanes kitchen bath works on it and essentially they've blocked off the left side of the split there, but again you get by relatively easily at this point, westbound side, they are working between nutley street and one 23 single ride land get you by them between the fairfax county Parkland 29 central also down to a single right lane through the work. Out in Great Falls, Georgetown pike between walker road and old dominion drive the alternate traffic one direction at times to the paving project at times very slow, paving again on subtly road north to the masses battlefield between pageland lane and feather bed lane where they also alternate traffic one direction at a time to work zone. Route 7 in loudoun county at the intersection with countryside boulevard city center boulevard, left lane blocked in each direction where they're working on the traffic signals there. You may actually be under police directions just be careful if you're out that way. Westbound 7 and near Patrick Henry drive in 7 corners single left lane through the paving and then slowing again between I 66 and I would write and falls church also down to a single left lane through the construction. Visit fit small dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald assumes the cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car of fits way used car is best as it fits mall dot com today, rich hundred WWE traffic. Another hot and huba day out there for your Tuesday, really the last one with both heat and humidity. We'll see a good chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms as well. Going for a high of 94° before the storms move in, some of those storms could be strong

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