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Basically debuted at their event as opposed to a car event lake of at large debuted at fourth event yeah yeah the couple of days ago so it's like officially like this this virtual world has officially like crossed over there right like your your furnace guys because they make the best car game woolmer yeah so in the past the the put a parachute over the car they put a couple of hot chicks next to it and they pull the parachute off yeah and then and then you'd say i saw that car last month the auto show right and and then they but and then they and then there than that gave way or no even if they're not nominee things even if they unveil it at the auto show they back in the sixty that put like a parachute then try in the smoke came and tried to smoke in a car with drive out on thing but now it's all its urgel yeah committing do we shall we say the name of the car yeah okay yeah let's say it's the porsche it's the two thousand eighteen nine eleven gt two r s yeah to e three so it no that's the event it was at o'hare to fraud it they run rodota eatery so that but the let's hope porsche hasn't done g two in something like seven years so this is why everyone is kind of a secretly dominance secretly dumped because it says nine eleven gt two are asked and then t o e three yellow is this some electric model number three is the trade show this is how the plane's crash because nobody is wrong here but we're still smoking on the side of the mountain everyone is right except for one i'm reading at it seems like well this is a very elaborate porsche gt two are s now yeah.

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