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On featuring K, NPR's Polly Mac, Creative Tony and Shannon Caylor of the Stone. Fox is on KNBR, These fourth leader. All right, everybody. We're back in the podcast. Palling, Mac Creative, Tony Shadow. Caylor. Listen, we're having a good time today talking. We did a little Super Bowl review. Well, in all of Steph Curry session crimes, Tony, if I could take your temperature is a fellow Niner fan. Lifelong. I know that because every day I go on the air with Murph There's a new story about all Sam Darnel. Carson Wentz like All these people have the answer, apparently at the quarterback position for the Niners. I try to remind people as far as I know they still have a quarterback. Tony. What do your thoughts about when you hear Sam Donald's? You're hearing Carson went. I don't personally I don't want to see Carson Wentz of Red and gold. I don't know where you guys with all this talk and Garoppolo State of the Union Go. Why is all the sudden Donald better than garage? Boa? I don't understand that. I mean, in his career 45 touchdowns 39 picks? I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. Hey, he's not. He's not awful. But neither is Jimmy Garoppolo. And if you're gonna spend draft picks everything to get another quarterback I don't want Donald anywhere, nearly one in red and gold. I don't know. Disrespected Donald. I think he's Fine. But what has he done to show me that he's gonna be a step above? Gravel. I just don't buy much. Not much. I actually I actually have. I have nothing against Sam. Darnell's at all. I think that Yeah, I still think he could become a good NFL quarterback. Maybe even great someday. I mean, who knows if he gets in the right system, But I agree with you, Tony. I don't know that. He's shown enough to kind of warrants that kind of movement and that kind of sacrifice when it comes to draft picks, and what the night is about to give up And on top of all of that one thing I keep hearing and I'll Shannon, I'll hand this off to you is that You know, the Niners would have to part with something significant, Tony. Like you said a draft pick. Perhaps Nick Bosa. I've heard his name and get kicked around all I gotta say that that is. Did you guys see what a good pass rush can do? The Ah, great quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Oh, I'm not. I mean, do we already took a hit losing Buckner? And look at the toll that took, I think losing Nick Post. It would just be foolish as a price for any quarterback Taylor go. I think we're a year, maybe a year and a half away from saying Nick Bosa back to being the same Nick Bosa. It's gonna take time for his leg to totally recuperate. We saw what happened with Jimmy G that took time. Evidently nicked. Bosa's injury was a little bit worse. But as far as quarterbacks, it seems to me that the only guy worth throwing the whole kitchen sink at is Watson. But After watching Tom Brady and thinking about OK, Do you really have to have the uber athletic quarterback to succeed? And the answer is no. Uh, so I don't know. I'm with you guys in that the pieces around Jimmy surrounding Jimmy with great pieces is better than losing all your pieces and having to Shawn Watson. That's that's kind of what I'm thinking at the moment, but I don't know also, guys, I thought we should take just five seconds here to just shout out. John Lynch. Congratulations. Yes, getting in the pro Football Hall of Fame much deserved, And I would say Tony, much overdue. I was surprised. It took that many votes to get him in. I mean to me. I remember watching John Lynch. I know you do, too. I thought it was pretty obvious He was a Hall of Famer back when he was playing. But anyway, congrats getting in John. Great work. You could tell that Lynch was a Ronnie Lott fan. By the way, by the way, Lynch played And the way he just approached the game in the way like he just was always the guy looking to lay the smack down, right and hey, was really fun to watch. He was on the bucks, I think for 11 years I mean, that's pretty impressive man. And we had a long overdue. I agree. I gotta tell you, you know, the I have a great John Lynch kind of memory of him. Just being like, Ah, good dude, which is back in the Tony? I don't know. Woman's just 2017. Maybe remember when you two Did the stadium tour. They were performing the Joshua Tree. Yes, we want that show. I don't know. Yes, of course you were sitting with us. Yeah. Yeah way Did the roof talk top decking? That's exactly where I was going. So chatting before the you to show the Niners were nice enough to invite Tony and I and others up to a rooftop. Pre concert party on real where John Lynch was just hanging out, mingling and I got a chance to talk a little YouTube with John Lynch. And I remember him being like, Yeah, I like you, too. In high school, man, This is gonna be a lot of fun kind of reminded me guys. We're still all of us waiting for the covert restrictions to be lifted so we could get back to a lot of music and stuff. But, Tony, if I could I'm gonna put the screws to your right now. T to this point. What's your favorite Levi Stadium concert that you've seen on Then I'll answer the question and the Shannon do you have Levi concert experience? And I actually don't I don't have it. It's just gonna be between Tony and I. Tony favorite Levi Stadium show Go. It's a no brainer. For me. It's the fare thee well. That shows that you know. What were they those three years? It was that three years ago that try 6 2015. No. Yeah. Yeah. God, no, That's what happens. What happens? I haven't And I haven't seen a bad show of Levi's, actually. No, neither can I. If you take the dead I'm gonna take the Rolling Stones, Stones stones to be my second That was a damn good showman. That midnight Rambler the 15 minute, midnight Rambler. All of it. I'll take it 10 times out of 10. And then maybe at some point we could get Shannon off his ass to get out to a live show to. I don't know me and Santa Clara. We don't like that kind of stuff. Keep the noise down, please. Okay, guys, Speaking of noise, we're kind of like doing like a ski slope there and gone through the flags today. Slalom. Is that called Tony When you go through the flags? No. There we're going. We're going podcast Slalom today, Guys, I just want to ask your thoughts. There's no right or wrong Answer Justin opinion thing, but We get into stuff like this in the podcast the story in Dallas in the MBA. I think it's kind of interesting. If you guys noticed this week, you know, it kind of came out that The Dallas Mavericks and more Cuban, their owner have chosen To not play the national anthem this year before their games. And I, frankly, I'm surprised. It's not a bigger story. But I just want to know like kind of where you guys are with that, or if that were to spread like Let's just say, for example, like one of our Bay Area teams Decided to go the same way. Let's just say Lake up, say, Lake of decided to do away with national anthems before basketball games. Shannon, I'll start with you with that. Where are you? Would you be cool with that? Or would you be offended by that? Like, what do your feelings about the national anthem? Either get, you know, continue to get played, or perhaps getting removed. Yeah, I guess I've always seen the national anthem. As you know, it's being used by these teams on a really corporate setting. I mean, whether you like it or not, sports is incredibly corporate, especially at the pro level and even in college. I'm sorry, but it feels like that These corporate teams and sponsors used The national anthem to give their product gravitas. Kind of in the idea that like okay, we're going to do the national anthem now, because aren't we lucky to enjoy this beautiful product that we've created for you? You know it, Z kind of weird and to be honest, so as a Mennonite, I'm not. That's my religious thing. Lot of many nights. We don't even stand for the national anthem because of you know, allegiance, God issues that some of us have another nun in a disrespectful way, Justin Allegiance kind of way, But so so I guess that I come from that perspective, But I do think that some of these, you know, the MBA A and you know Major League baseball every game..

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