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How are you dealing with those stressors BUSTER? I mean, it's it's it was stress me. It's it's not without some anxiety to think about any of this. And I, you know, cutting. Seriously thinking about it. I I I, you know, I I think whoever the democratic nominee is if Iran, and I'm in or any number of well-qualified people that have announced who will announce the deputy of work really needs to be a central theme because I think in their campaigns. I think that too many people sort of look at the democratic election say you either talked to the progressive base or you talk to working class voters and you've got to do both. I mean, you've got to do both not just to win Ohio or win the heartland or win the electoral college got to do both as a longtime progressive in as an advocate for workers. It's it's it's the way not just to win elections. It's the way to govern. In a really is at the core of who. I am who I think a whole lot of the American public, and a strong majority of the Democratic Party is do both talking in terms of progressive issues and talk about what we need to do for workers on trade policy and tax policy and overtime rule and all of that. I think a lot of people think of those two different lanes because they think to talk to the progressive base of. Party such as it is you have to talk about issues that essentially have been turned into cultural wedges that are designed to alienate working people from the from the image of the Democratic Party. And you have really straddled both of those lands. You really have operated in both of those spaces your whole public life. Why has that never been a problem for you? Well, you go to my hometown of Mansfield, you go to where you go to the city of Cleveland or you go to apple Atucha and people have the same hopes and dreams people think if you work hard, you ought to be able to get ahead, if you love your country, you fight for the people who make it work. Whether you punch a clock or or swipe a badge or raising children or caring for an aging parent or working on a salary or working for tips in it, this expansive, sort of expansive definition work to respect work to honor work. I don't think I don't think our government. I mean, you've got a White House that looks like a retreat for Wall Street executives. They're not listening to workers, whether it's in the shutdown or it's the tax Bill who are its Trump trying to scale back the overtime rule where one hundred thirty thousand Ohioans. Five million Americans were getting getting a raise that were working fifty and sixty hours a week. We're going to get time and a half for the first time in the president tries to take it away. I mean, it's this long-term betrayal of workers from this administration from his time as a businessman to now when that's why he doesn't care about those low wage workers or any of the eight hundred thousand that are either furloughed where have lost their jobs or working without pay. You said that you and your wife Connie are thinking about whether or not you might make a run. When are you going to decide will you talk to me about it? Sure. Always talk to your kids. Of course, I we are going to the four early states, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina. We will we were going to do a dignity of work listening to her. I'm not trying to have the largest rally or the biggest crowds. I wanna listen to people and and hear them whether in when I talk about the dignity of work. It's you know, it's barber in Cedar Rapids. It's physical, therapists. And in concord say it's a restaurant worker in Nevada. And it's a it's a in Florence South Carolina might be a construction worker and just just I mean people in this country working harder than ever before. They're seeing corporate profits are up executive compensations exploding their productivity is up in their wages are flattened that. There's something there's something intrinsically wrong with our economy, and it starts with respecting work in talk in in governing that way Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Thank you for talking to me about these things. And I don't mean to I realize everybody's talking about this whole question about whether you're not gonna run I don't mean to. Doug, you about it..

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