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Those rocks are fairly soft rock type called tough to USA volcanic definitely was a major erosion on rosia eruption God I. Don't remember the dates on it on top of my head I knew this winter I researched and all but. Good Kyle's going to Bellevue spoke chair California. Shoot. This was the the mountains were a stronghold for the Apache Indians when they were but the Apache drives when they were. Being hunted. But the US government. And there is a mountain in there that You have to be right perspective but when you do. It's it's the profile of coaching is pretty impressive. Yeah. It has a nickname that park who that was something you were. What were you wonderland rocks neon. Wonderland of rock says, yeah. What we've asked me to look up now. The default? Age does, Wonderland of rocks is rock type pro bowl candidate tough tough. It was a fairly soft rock type so same it's easily erode. Yeah. That's not very he'll do origin of that they but at the base of the Mountain Willcox Playa was an ancient lake and you can go there actually got photographs, but we can probably show. Listeners at some point, we can see the ancient shorelines of this event, which is now just a base in desert. But at at times in the past that rapidly filled and became a lake, maybe multiple occasions and I would associate the creation of that those. Wilcox Lake. Lake. Wilcox. With the erosion events that created what you see there yeah. Navy white-sand see like all these lakes around the desert's now they're. Trying yeah, well. Pre. Cambrian Mesozoic. no-one data. Old. Dad Pre Cambrian rocks wouldn't even exist anymore. Most active period in the volcanic history of the trick, our mountains began near the end of the Mesozoic. That was the most active period. So let's see. What's the most recent eruption? Yeah. The deposited all ask that was liquefied into the volcanic tuff that's what we're interested in here. But Yeah. So that's an example I think you can see the. In the mountain areas and you see in the desert basins below where these giant ancient lakes existed. So you know that for those huge lakes of existed, there had been a lot of rainfall, right? So wounded makes sense those were the episodes of accelerated erosion. I think so fan chair cows experienced that. Yes. Okay. Yes. I? Think that rainfall would be. It wouldn't be very local because I think the Cherry County officials storied I think you get when you're there is it's largely most like I think it will say on there as wind erosion. That's what it says during the past twenty, seven, million years faulting and erosion have had the greatest impact on the landscape and topography of the Chiro mountains uplift continued into the quaternary. Subjecting to the mountains to increase erosion alluvial fans formed along the flanks but she right there alluvial. So I doubt edge applying flowing water, right? So. Obviously, that water had to. Those rocks. And more effectively that went. Yeah I think. So but I would talk that the two forces worked in tandem but the the but. Fluvial. Rozhin. Would have been the dominant to dominant dominant original. Force. Well. I can find it well there. There was several major explosive eruptions. Fairly recently ethic. Find that. Yeah we'll figure it out eventually, but we we didn't have been..

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