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In the lives of people so that Israelis and Palestinians can live with equal measures of security. He was speaking to a bee sees this week, and he also praised quiet diplomacy, his words from President Biden and suggested that another deliberate process may be needed for dealing with North Korea and its nuclear program. I don't think there's gonna be a grand bargain. Where this gets resolved in one fell swoop. It's gotta be clearly calibrated diplomacy, clear steps from the North Koreans on do it moves forward in that way. Last week, President Biden said he'd consider meeting with Kim Jeong Eun if Kim committed to discussing his nuclear program. Talked on in Washington on infrastructure continue. But there's a large gap between the latest White House proposal of $1.7 Trillion and the roughly $600 billion Senate Republicans say they're willing to spend, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine tells ABC is this week. I think negotiations should continue, but it's important to note That there's some fundamental difference here and at the heart of the negotiations is so finding the scope of the bill. What is infrastructure? The White House has said a soft deadline of next week in determining whether a bipartisan agreement can be reached New Jersey State police say two people were killed and a dozen others hurt in a shooting at a party in the southwest corner of the state. Reverend Michael Keane was at his church across the street Saturday night party. What you need to take your car? If you're gonna have a good time. Why do you need done with you? That means that you're expecting trouble to. Police said they're searching for suspects and a motive. You're listening to ABC news. Okay, away news. Radio time. 902 dive teams have recovered the body of a man who apparently drowned in big soda lake this weekend, Shawn Oh, Hera from West Metro Fire to Fox 31. Group of People Paddleboarding. There was a phone that was dropped in the water. Perhaps on then somebody went looking for the phone, and when they kind of gathered themselves, one of their party failed to surface teams found the man's body overnight and turned it over to the Jefferson County coroner. Colorado's putting $1 million up for grabs as an incentive for people to get vaccinated. Everybody loves incentives. Your books right? That's a big way. That woman speaking with Fox 31 details have not been revealed. But it appears a number of lottery prizes would be worth $1000 each with $1 million Grand prize. Similar lotteries have been tried elsewhere. Ohio reports demand for covert Shots is up 50% since it began a vaccine lottery It's not clear when Colorado might announce such a program violent weather, causing some scary moments in eastern Colorado yesterday, a tornado touched down south of Lyman and residents were told to seek shelter. Sorry. Instead of going police cars up and down the road, tell anybody get inside employees at the stop and go a lot around 20 people and their past to seek shelter. Inside the store. The good news, the Lincoln County Sheriff says. There are no reports of any damage or injuries. Tom must in K Away. NewsRadio Catholics in Colorado are returning to Mass this weekend after many months of dispensation because of the pandemic, Catholic bishops say Sunday and Holy days only days mass obligation. Has been reinstated for Catholics who are healthy and without significant risk factors in sports. The Nuggets dropped their first playoff game against Portland 1 23 109. Next update at 9 30 David Kay. Okay away news Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from.

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