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In you also have shows like Like staged with david tennant and michael sheen and huge stars have been on it and it's basically like a show via zoom. It's so good if it is really really good with them making fun of each other on it and then became this thing. Yeah and you have like fragile. Rock no not fry rock. I'm sorry no yeah farrago. i started. They were like here is all of the. Here's all the technology that you need and the puppeteers are at home doing these doing things. So i mean it's like if anything like this is opened up a massive. I don't wanna say freedom because it's not the right word but it's it's opened up a huge opportunity more opportunity for evidence in confidence to make some like even just from us to just to take it from a personal standpoint if you look at our videos from the beginning of the pandemic to the end like not the end but where we are now Of the change in how we meant able to adopt and adapt. And i think that that's been the whole. That's been the whole thing where it's like. Well how do we do this. How do we continue to do this. Right and still produce high quality content. I think it's if anything. It's just opened a huge opportunity and much bigger things to be able to be made next question. Yeah this is from a black diablo. Mamba the new mortal kombat movie is coming out. Which character do you feel that. You harmonize with off that movie. I have no idea always scorpion in in real life as a kid. I was a big subzero fan but as you were and growing up. It's a scorpion fan all day. Because he's the one that's been giving the character. Development mean also a kid though lucane as king king. I don't know alive about mortal kombat. Except to say i was gonna say scorpion me. Yeah i just not unique answer. But it's the best with the games in recent years right and it's been like a real big one for me because he's like. Oh god i messed up the line. I had to fix it all was explaining to me like the whole back story between sub zero and scorpion and i was like there's back story. Oh four i knew all thing. I did play through on my stream. I played through the story mode of mortal kombat eleven. Yeah eleven right. Great story great writing great acting. Well done next question. Yeah next wanted to train is from a town of dragon. How do you feel about. Jensen echoes being batman in the upcoming batman movie. Finally for for those who are listening. This is not a live action movie but this is the long halloween which we actually covered on..

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